Get Your Most Glamorous Lashes

Girls and glamorous eyelashes go together like peanut butter and jelly. We will go to great lengths to have lengthy, voluminous eyelashes. Not only lengthy and voluminous, but we also want them to look beautiful as well. Lionesse gives you some tips on how you can have the most glamorous, beautiful lashes possible today. False […]

How to Get on Trend Lush Looking Brows

Lush, thick eyebrows are definitely trending this season – which, only a couple of years ago, would have been considered a fashion and style no-no. Thick, lush brows are what every woman and teen girl currently want to set their face off. For those who have less than lush brows, this can be a bit […]

Cosplay/Creative Makeup Look Tutorial with Pictures

Lionesse loves to bring you creative, awesome ideas in terms of makeup and style, and as you know by now, this week has been focused on the Cosplay genre. Today, Lionesse is thrilled to bring to you another creative makeup tutorial from our beauty blogger, Sarah, who is super excited to share this look with […]

Makeup Tips for Gemini Girls

Gemini women are one of the luckiest signs in the zodiac. Not only are they the most versatile of all the signs when it comes to their personalities, meaning they are never the same day to day – which, let’s face it, keeps things interesting – but they are also blessed with the gift of […]

Gemini Makeup Look Tutorial

This week, our focus is and has been on the Gemini woman and all of the things that comprise her style, edginess, and personality. Today, we brought Beauty Blogger Sarah McCormick on board to give you an easy to do Gemini makeup look and style that’s different from the typical yellow Gemini eyeshadow style, and […]

Korean Technique for Youthful Eyes: Aegyo Sal

Aegyo Sal is a Korean skin care technique used for the eyes to appear more youthful and puffed – but in a good way. It might be hard for anyone to understand why any woman would want to inflate the area under her eyes, giving them a puffed appearance. There is a difference, dermatologists say, […]

How to Make Your Red Lip Last

Red lipstick has been a staple in every woman’s cosmetic routine for as long as the beauty world can remember. It gained increasing popularity during the 1940’s, and has held its own since that time. Red lips offer color and vibrancy to any outfit, brighten up dreary days, and add the perfect color pop to […]

1940′s Inspired Makeup Tutorial

The 1940’s era boasted some of the most beautiful hair and makeup styles of our generation. The women of that decade were always keeping up on their appearance and took pride in looking their best. Cosmetics were a part of everyday life, as was fixing the hair into a fashionable style that would enable her […]

How to Do the Perfect Cat Eye

Creating the purrfect (see what we did there?) cat eye look isn’t all that difficult, and it can be a lot of fun. For those just starting out with makeup application, or for those who haven’t ever dared to give it a try out of intimidation, it can be a bit scary to give it […]

Tricks Learned from Beauty Pageants

Beauty pageants are known for boasting some of the most fantastic beauty looks around. The many different styles and looks of makeup and hair provide the rest of the world a place to look for inspiration and beauty tips and tricks. Lionesse wants to share some of the top tricks that have been learned from […]