Tricks Learned from Beauty Pageants

Beauty pageants are known for boasting some of the most fantastic beauty looks around. The many different styles and looks of makeup and hair provide the rest of the world a place to look for inspiration and beauty tips and tricks. Lionesse wants to share some of the top tricks that have been learned from beauty pageants for overall beauty and style.

Woman getting her hair washed at the salon

Hair Washing Is a No No
For about two weeks before a pageant, many contestants choose not to wash their hair due to wanting their hair to have brilliant shine from the natural oils within surfacing. Rather, they opt for using dry shampoo to keep the oil to a slight minimum, or baby powder to do the same. If you want brilliant, shiny hair, don’t shampoo – and choose to dry shampoo instead. Incorporating a flat iron into the routine will also help to provide brilliant shine.

Lemon with white teeth.

Lemon Peels to Whiten Teeth
Using a lemon peel to whiten your teeth is just as effective as using a whitening treatment or whitening toothpaste – and far less expensive. Not to mention, it tastes so much better! Simply peel the lemon and use the inside pith of the peel and rub against the teeth. The oils in the peel will deteriorate staining and provide a white, fresh smile. Many contestants use them right before walking out on stage to give their pearly whites an even whiter glow.

Stylist applying hairspray on a model's hair.

Use Hairspray or Butt Glue
Many contestants, for the swim suit portion of beauty pageants, opt for using butt glue or hairspray to get their swim suit to stick to the skin, rather than moving out of place. This could come in handy when you decide you’d like to take a walk on the beach, boardwalk, or even just to take a day trip out on the boat. Hair spray works just as well as procure butt glue, so if you’re not willing to spend the cash or are too embarrassed to buy the stuff, hairspray is a great second option.

Woman applying Vaseline on her lips.

Vaseline on Teeth
If you’ve ever wondered how the pageant goers get their big, wide smiles, Vaseline or petroleum jelly may be the reason. Smearing a small amount of Vaseline across your teeth will allow your mouth to open wider, and provide you with a bigger, more brilliant smile. Give it a try – the results will please you.

Stylist applying airbrushing makeup on a model.

Airbrushing Makeup
Rather than applying typical day makeup, why not opt for an airbrush gun? Airbrushing your cosmetics provides you with a more even coverage, and nearly perfect skin. Plus – it lasts all day, no matter the climate you happen to be living in or are exposed to.

Woman holding a scotch tape in her hand.

Scotch Tape for Eyeshadow Removal
When you are in a quick need for removing your eyeshadow effectively, but don’t want to remove the rest of your makeup, opt for scotch tape. It possesses the capability of lifting the color away from the eyelid gently, effectively, and won’t ruin the rest of your makeup. This makes changing colors or removing completely super simple and easy.

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