How to Get on Trend Lush Looking Brows

Woman with beautiful eyebrows.

Lush, thick eyebrows are definitely trending this season – which, only a couple of years ago, would have been considered a fashion and style no-no. Thick, lush brows are what every woman and teen girl currently want to set their face off. For those who have less than lush brows, this can be a bit of a challenge. Lionesse has some tips for those who don’t have the lushest of brows to attain the look and make it happen – even when Mother Nature isn’t on your side.

Eyebrow Stencils
When you don’t have the steadiest hand in the world, you might want to opt for a good eyebrow stencil to give you something great to fall back on. A good eyebrow stencil will help you to achieve a flawless look, while also giving you the brow shape you desire.

Closeup of a brow gel.

Brow Gel
Brow gel is a great tool to use when you are filling in your brows, or even drawing them on if your brows are so sparse there is nothing there. When you use a brow gel, you will also want to use a good eyebrow pencil to outline the brow. Brow gel should be applied with an angled brush, and around the nose area, you will want to draw straight lines up and down for the most natural look, while the remainder of the brow should be outlined on an angle.

Brow Powder
Brow powder can be used in conjunction with brow gel, and eyebrow wax, for the most flawless look to fill in the brows. It should be used to fill in the sparse or lighter areas when you use the brow gel and eyebrow wax. Brow powders come in various shades and colors to match every hair color for the most natural look.

Woman getting her eyebrows waxed.

Eyebrow Wax
Eyebrow wax can give a flawless look to eyebrows in that it keeps them in check in terms of flyaway or cowlick brows. Brow wax should be applied with a brow comb and worked in somewhat of an upward motion to keep eyebrows high and to the skin. This product can also help the eyebrows appear more lush and healthy.

Technique is Everything
When it comes to creating or crafting a fuller, lusher brow, the technique in which you use for application really is everything. You will want to ensure you are using stencils if you don’t have a steady hand. You will want to make sure you are starting the brow line at the edge of your nose, and not bringing the brow out past the outer corner of the eye. You will want to make sure to pluck stray hair, or head to your local eyebrow threader for a more precise hair removal – and this can also stimulate the growth of new brows. Follow tutorials online when it comes to brow shapes, styles, and looks that you like, practice them, and get to know them. When it comes to any type of cosmetic application, practice always makes perfect.

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