Some Crisp, Fresh Scents for Fall

As days turn into nights earlier and the atmosphere is beginning to hint at even cooler temps to come, there’s a certain briskness permeating the air that is exhilarating, and it inspires our thoughts to embrace an autumnal form of invigoration that just seems to go with the overall mood. It’s a given that many […]

Rainbow Brows

Recently, a new trend has been proliferating the runways, with hair colors returning to more natural looking colors that sport less contrasting tones. If your first thought is to imagine a new, more conservative move in the world of fashion, think again. The plainer hair colors are simply a move to allow more attention to […]

Popular Beauty Trends of the Victorian Era

The Victorian era was all about keeping up appearances, in both fashion and beauty. In previous centuries, women were fond of light skin, light hair, voluptuous figures, and red cheeks. During the Renaissance, beauty was wealth and wealth was beauty. Women used toxic cosmetics to stay gorgeous, but over time, these would cause skin problems […]

The Pussy Bow Blouse

Oh, how being PC has uprooted so many previously standard pronunciations that in today’s savvy society seem to carry a tinge or more of an inappropriate undercurrent. Among such terminology we find the planet Uranus, forever pronounced [You-ray-nus,] which began to be seen as offensive to growing numbers of people who only heard something else, every […]

Makeup Trend Alert: Baking

For anyone who is secretly praying that Kim Kardashian and her seemingly unending stream of trend-setting, every time she makes a move, will soon drop from the headlines altogether, and fade away into relative obscurity, there are a few trends that may just represent real hope for the possibility to become a reality. The makeup […]

Makeup Primers: Secret Tricks

One of the best things to ever happen to makeup foundation was the introduction of using a primer agent on the face at the very start, and before laying down any other elements, whether it be foundation, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner and so forth. Primer ensures an improved base for all the other makeup to rest […]

Our Favorite Lip Colors for Fall

If you’re old enough to have worn lipstick in the 90’s, chances are that this fall season will remind you of that wonderful decade’s shades of purples, reds, and pinks. If you haven’t noticed, the 90’s have been everywhere, from revival TV shows like Girl Meets World, and a Full House show, to 90’s reunion […]

Fall Makeup Trends

Autumn is not only for trick or treaters and roasted turkeys but the subtle color changes of the leaves remind us trendsetters that fall is the time to change OUR looks too! From red hot lips to eye-catching shadows, these must-try trends are easy to apply. So pull out that make-up bag and get ready […]

Nail the Smokey Eye!

The smoky eye is a sultry and sophisticated look that’s perfect for a date night, a formal event, or even a dramatic look for every day wear. The smoky eye seems easy enough to pull off, but it’s easy to turn this sexy look into a smudgy mess. You won’t look like a seductress — […]

Secrets to Getting Falsies Right

Some girls are blessed with beautiful full and long eyelashes, but most of us have to rely on mascara to really get that full look. On some occasions however, mascara isn’t enough, we have to rely on false eyelashes to get the look we want. This can be intimidating to some, but it’s really a […]