Evening Shades: “It” Lip Colors for Night Time

They say that the eyes are the “windows to the soul” but the lips say it all! At night, your makeup needs to be a bit more dramatic to make an impact. Those nude shades and peach glosses that give you a natural, beautiful look during the day will look washed out at night. You […]

Lighting Makeup – How Much is Too Much?

You’ve probably heard the expression depicting the transformative effect that light has on all things, more or less (and paraphrased,) described by “seeing something in a different light,” or “after having seen a thing in a different light,” how it changed the thing or the viewer’s perception of the thing. It’s fairly common knowledge that […]

Secret Makeup Artist Tricks

Oh, to be a fly on the wall of insider gab sessions breaking down the tricks of any trade–but surely the makeup industry pros could tell us about tricks and especially all the ways they’ve had to come up with instant solutions behind the runway curtains and in the celebs’ dressing rooms or on the […]

Guide to Makeup Artist Level Brows

Eyebrows are back—big, bold and beautiful! After a long run on the thin-and-getting-thinner side, they’re coming into their own again, no longer to be regarded as a feature to be minimized to almost annihilation. Today’s brows are back as a prominent feature on the face, and while they’re still far from taking on a bushy […]

Makeup to Complement Curls

While there are so many girls who have curly hair, only recently have a lot of them even let the world know about it. Straight hair has dominated the hair fashion scene for so long, for a lot of reasons–but finally, curls have come into their own, with amazing response-looks from every direction and we’re […]

Our Favorite Curly-Headed Celebs

The truth is becoming clearer and clearer–a lot more of our favorite Hollywood celebrities are, low and behold–curly! That’s right–as most curly headed little girls grow up fantasizing of long, silky straight tresses pouring from their follicles, we’re living in an age where the art of producing straight from any measure of curls is not […]

No Makeup Look Tutorial

Tis is month to bare your face. Look flawless, fresh and beautifully natural, look like you’re not wearing any makeup at all. Sure, skin care is an essential aspect for this look, but with the right tips and tricks, you should be able to get that perfect no makeup look in no time. Lionesse would […]

How Embrocation Creams Can Be a Fashion Savior

The problems with pantyhose are always an issue, and while their invention did solve a lot of issues for women once it became allowable for women to expose any portion of their lower extremities in public. Early stockings for women got their cues from socks, coming in pairs that were either held in place by […]

Winter Beauty Tutorial

Lionesse would like to introduce you to our guest blogger Despina who is here to show you how to get the perfect winter beauty look through this beautiful how-to tutorial.  Hello guys, this is my wintery makeup kind of glam tutorial. So let’s get right into doing it. Like always I’m starting off with a clean […]

Tips to Get the Best Mani

Manicures are so rewarding, so much fun and offer a kind of self-care that is really important. Whether you get your mani at home, in a DIY fashion, or in a salon, there are some things that can improve your experience, and the results. The Professional Salon Mani Every time you receive and pay for […]