Native American Movies to Netflix

It would be a very sad thought to imagine anyone living within the United States–and particularly enjoying all the rights and privileges of citizenship–to go the whole of their life without ever taking the opportunity to discover the rich fabric of tradition, folklore and time-honored spirituality practiced by the many different tribes that together comprise […]

Quick Tips for a More Festive Makeup Look

Festive makeup, like all things, has its time and place, beyond which, just like everything else, is always going to be a bad idea, with no redeeming qualities or factors. It only works at certain times, and that’s just the way it is. On the other hand, when the time comes and festive makeup is […]

Going Social Means Going Bigger For Native Designers

A powerfully-charged niche is hitting the Internet, showcasing Native American designers who are availing themselves of the power of social media, in its various forms to broadcast their creations with higher visibility that these platforms offer. As the news travels to tap an immediate range of potential customer audiences, these talented Native designers are developing […]

New Trend: Metallics for Winter

The winter season just ahead promises a fabulously sparkly element of luminous shine to impart many forms of jaw-dropping excellence, and anyone wearing this shine will be announcing to the world that there’s nothing second hand about their wardrobe! From the view beside the runways, it’s going to be the fashion, and not the future, […]

How to Cook and Bake Your Makeup

There is a new answer to the age-old inquiry of “What’s cooking?” And this is all due to the latest trick to come to cosmetics–but be careful just who you tell, and watch the words you use to explain what it is you are doing, just to avoid the real possibility of the people who […]

How to Apply Highlighter

Move over, contouring — you were certainly adequate, and please know that it’s not you — it’s us — and yes, we admit it — we have found something else-something better and brighter, and something we just like more. It meets our needs better and makes us look so good. It was certainly good while […]

Pigtails: No Longer for Little Girls

When you were a little girl, your mother probably put you in pigtails all the time. This go-to style not only looks adorable on young girls, but it also keeps hair out of their face so it doesn’t get sticky or get in their way during play. You don’t have to grow out of pigtails. […]

Hair Trend Alert: Tie Dye

You might very well be one among the many people who have never, ever encountered the words “hair” and “tie dye” together, in one sentence. And you would be remembering correctly, too, if you fessed up. Whether you have or have not had the experience previously, you are going to be hearing (and seeing) a […]

Pulling Off a Half Bun

Pretty much every celebrity has been seen rocking the half bun recently, from daytime shopping to red carpets at award shows and movie premieres. The half bun is a simple variation on the standard top knot or bun, and can be worn with a multitude of hair types and lengths. It can pass for cute […]

Beauty Lessons of Marilyn Monroe

Starlets come and go. Most stars fade and are forgotten over time, but there is one that, even today, continues to inspire women all over the world: Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe was one of the biggest celebrities of the 1950’s, from her early days as a pinup star to her career as an actress and […]