Makeup Blues, Which Blues Are In, Which Are Out for 2016

Well, it looks like blue makeup has finally made its way back, traveling the expansive distance from the 70s and 80s Caboodles belonging to every young wannabe makeup maven. And it’s back with a bang, too, with so many exceptional colors and hues to choose from! The full spectrum of blues set to do 2016 […]

New Makeup Trend: Kitten Eye

If you are looking at changing up your makeup effects for a fresh new start in 2016, there are plenty of ways in which you can go about it. When it comes to eye effects, you might want to check out the new look of cat eyes. Everyone knows the sultry, enigmatic look that cats’ […]

Biggest Beauty Questions of 2015

The current year, with all its unique style, happenings and chances, sis preparing to take a side step and make space for the next one in line–2016, with lots of surprises and adventure in store. As we wrap up the journey that will now forever characterize 2015–including all the fashion and beauty trends that will […]

Celeb Inspired Winter Makeup Ideas

If you were a red carpet, A-lister celebrity, how would you do your makeup? While the inquiring minds of fans everywhere want to know, If they indeed want to know–then they should look to the top makeup artists who are the faces behind the lavish looks of all those leading women. While there are probably […]

Party Perfect Makeup

Every day, you probably have your go-to makeup routine that works for you. You may have come to this process through trial and error, or you may have been instructed in how to apply your daily makeup. One thing is certain, and it has to do with differentiating between your daily go-to look, and another […]

The Skinny on Permanent Makeup

In a society that highly values time-saving innovations almost more than money, permanent makeup, by just the name alone sounds awfully enticing to many women who spend a good deal of time in situations that require being well-dressed, with full effects of hair and makeup included. While the technique has been in practice for quite […]

Prediction: 2016 Makeup Trends

Move over, no-makeup makeup–there’s a new player in town, and it’s going to be showing up on all the leading runways, catwalks and red carpets, with super enviable effects! It looks like 2016 is going to explode onto the world of fashion with a myriad of new makeup effects from a new concentration on makeup […]

Read My Lips: These are the Red’s You Can’t live Without!

Since the dawn of time, and for the rest of time, there never has been, there certainly is not and there never will be a more suitable, universal color for lips than red. Now, when anyone thinks of red, they probably each envisions a particular shade, value, tone and color. There’s cherry red, burgundy red, […]

Pores No More–The Most Flawless Foundation Ever

Often, you might be doing everything absolutely right, but still you struggle with an uneven looking overall coverage from your foundation. While it would certainly be a welcome relief if there were one single element that could marvelously correct such problems, right off the bat, but unfortunately, achieving the flawless foundation look is a bit […]