Eye Shadows to Bring Out Your Eye Color

Choosing the right color eye shadow for you shouldn’t necessarily be based upon the outfit you’re planning on wearing today, or even on your favorite color. Did you know that there are specific shades that complement every eye color, and help to really bring your eyes out? Today, Lionesse shows you some of the best colors and hues you can wear for your eye color, to help those sparkling, beautiful eyes shine through in all of their glory.

Purple eyeshadow look.

Brown Eyes
Women who are lucky enough to have brown eyes can truly consider themselves, well, lucky – because they can pull just about any eyeshadow shade off, and they look great in nearly all colors. There are some colors that will truly make your eyes pop and look absolutely stunning, which are:

  • Gold
  • Copper
  • Light or dark pink
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Copper
  • Chocolate brown
  • Neutrals

Lime green eyeshadow look

Green Eyes
Green eyes are one of the most highly coveted eye colors in the world – everyone who has this eye color should feel blessed, as nearly all colored contact lenses ordered throughout the world are ordered in various shades of green. Green eyes look best in peachy or pink tones, and also in the following colors:

  • Peach
  • Plum
  • Purple
  • Gold
  • Yellow
  • Lime Green

Pink eyeshadow look

Blue Eyes
Did you know that those with blue eyes can all be traced back to a single, solitary ancestral root? Blue eyes are considered a chromosomal abnormality that took place in the form of a single genetic mutation about 6,000 years ago. Who knew? We think they are beautiful regardless, and we know that the best colors there are to accent your gorgeous, sparkling blue eyes are:

  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Browns
  • Pink
  • Silver
  • Gold

Gold eyeshadow look.

Hazel Eyes
Hazel eyes are an interesting cross between the lovely shade of green mentioned above, and brown. They can vary in intensity and color, and can sometimes even appear to have hints of gold or orange in them. Hazel eyes look beautiful with any of the following shades implemented to tie the eye look together:

  • Gold
  • Brown
  • White
  • Green
  • Dandelion Yellow
  • Deep Purple

If you’ve got another shade of eyes, such as an unnatural tone by means of colored contacts, finding the right shade can be done by picking out the flecks of color within the iris of the contact or eye, and then matching it with colors listed above for the color flecked areas. Say there are flecks of brown inside a violet contact – you will find the brown eye color up above and match the shades there to that color, and end up with a fantastic result.

Matching your eyes with the perfect eyeshadow hues can really help to make your face and eyes look well put together, and these colors can really bring out your eyes to the best of their ability.  You will also look younger, brighter eyed, and glowing – all in one.

Be sure to choose a mascara shade that complements your eye color as well. Many mascara hues have flecks of color within them to accent individual eye colors – these should be stated on the front of the packaging.

137 thoughts on “Eye Shadows to Bring Out Your Eye Color

  1. I have green eyes, and I had no idea that peachy tones or pink tones were the best colors to accentuate my eyes. I’m not a fan of purple shadow, but I’m definitely going to start wearing more peachy and pink tones, along with a bit of gold. Thanks for the tips! I definatley learned something new today.

  2. I have blue eyes, but I always avoid cool toned shadows – somehow they just don’t work with my skin. But I love to wear browns and golds for a contrast.


  4. I love how pigmented these shadows are! Super pretty for any occasion, especially if I just want to dress up my eyes

  5. Wow those are some pretty eye shadows. I definitely love wearing coppers/ orange tones to bring out my blue eyes.

  6. I love this article. I am no expert by any means in makeup so I love these color combinations for my eye color. I like to experiment but don’t like to waste time on colors that dont look good on me. ;)

  7. I have Hazel eye’s and I will be trying some of the color’s mentioned. I mostly wear wine colored shadows.

  8. Wow I love the purple, it’s such a tricky color to apply. Love the green also because I have Hazel eyes and green makes them pop.

  9. I have one green eye and one hazel eye. Yeah, good times for me!I have found the most flattering color that works on BOTH is this metallic pink. It really makes my eyes POP! Also, just a smudge of gold on my lids makes my eyes sparkle, too.

  10. Even though I have brown eyes, I really like the colour palette for the blue eyes. Think I might give it a try and experiment!

    1. dreamersakura,
      We bet you’d look fabulous with a colored mascara! If you just want to dip your toes in the water, try using your regular mascara and just adding colored mascara to the tips of your lashes. Let us know how it goes!

  11. I love eye shadows and always buying different colors. My eyes are hazel sometimes then brown with gold specks. I usually wear brown eye shadow but would love to experiment on different colors.

  12. I love eye make up. I have green eyes and have found that purples and golds are the best for bringing out the color in my eyes.

  13. This article was quite educational. I did not realize there were so many colors that would go with the various colors of eyes. Great article.

  14. I have hazel eyes but they are a green and blue color. I try to use greens or brown eye shadows. I would really like to have blue eyes like my twin brother

  15. I have brown eyes and I love wearing brown, gold and neutral eyeshadows which are apparently a very good match with my eye color :)
    I’ll definitely follow your tips and start wearing more purple and pink :)

  16. I was surprised to find colors I’ve never tried with my brown eyes on the list. I am going to try them. Thanks!

  17. It is great to know that Pink shadows will work with blue eyes. The eyeshadow palletes for blue eyes typically contain blues and neutrals.

  18. Beautiful eyeshadows with beautiful colors. my eye color is greenish gray, but my skin is quite pink, which color would suit me best?

  19. I’m learning more and more about eyeshadow, best way to apply, best colours to apply for skin tones and eye colours, I loved reading this article!

  20. I have green eyes , her shadows are perfect . I on the other hand , if I did that it would look like makeup exploded on my face. It’s beautiful.

  21. I never really use eye shadows because I feel the colours I see would not look good on me, but after reading this blog, there are some colours I never heard of and wanna try out, because I feel they will suit me.

  22. I have brown eyes and like to stick with neutrals. I think its very important to keep your skin tone, outfit, occasion and personality in mind when choosing eye make up.

  23. I have normal black Asian eyes. I’d like to get away with wearing reddish tones eyeshadow. Have yet to find a suitable one.

  24. I have blue eyes and always get compliments when I wear golds or orange/ peachy shades. I think opposite shades on the color wheel always make colors appear more vivid.

  25. My eyes are exactly as the model on the first picture! I didn’t know I could pull off almost any shadow color, that’s awesome!

  26. This has inspired my daughter to try different colors on her blue eyes. She tends to use blue liner with pink tone eyeshadow but since reading this, experimented with purple and gold and it really looked great!

  27. I have brown eyes and I love using green, gold, and navy on my eyelids. I also like using pink and white, but gold is definitely my go to color to brighten my eyes.

  28. I did not realize I should feel so lucky to have green eyes. I have not tried any peach colours as I did not think that would look great but after reading the article I will be trying it out.

  29. well I have big brown eyes and I love them my skin is dark and any color of eye shadows complete me :) Im so lucky yes jaja but my eyes are big and I have to use matte eyeshadows that is the contra of all that :c

  30. I have Hazel eyes and was never sure what eye shadows to use so would usually stick with grays. Good to learn that’s the wrong shade for me, thank you so much for the tips!

  31. I have green eyes and I have always steered towards plum and purple colors because they really help my eyes pop!

  32. Great tips!! I have brown eyes and have always thought they were boring. It’s good to know what colors will make my eyes stand out.

  33. I have brown eyes but have been told that sometimes it looks hazel. According to the list of eyeshadow color to use for brown eyes, I’ve already been using those shades. Maybe I will try a few shades that are for hazel eyes to see if it suits me :) thanks for the tips!

  34. I’ve got blue eyes and this is very helpful. and learned something new. I didn’t know all that about people with blue eyes

  35. I am a makeup artist, yet I had no idea that peachy eyeshadow would sooth green eyes so beautifully! I definatley need to try that in a photoshoot someday soon! Great post and great tips! :)

  36. Great article! I have green eyes and found that dark purple shadow looks great but it’s not something I wear too often. I’m going to try some others you listed!

  37. Since I have dark brown eyes well almost black,I love playing with colors especially coppers and golds. I love shimmers!

  38. Loveee the tips for hazel eyes! And i lovee the look of these products! I cannot wait to buy my first round of products!! ♌️♌️

  39. I absolutely love make-up and think you gave some great advice on what to use with certain eye colors!!! My eyes are brown but I wear contacts from time to time and never thought to make them pop by looking at what other colors may be in the contacts. Thank you!

  40. I seen the purple one and I though “I love that” then I seen the green… the blue…gold.. gads, I love them all! They are so vibrant!

  41. I have brown eyes and was always told that purple was the perfect colour to make them pop…too bad I don’t like purple on me. lol

  42. I love these eye shadows. Very vibrant and so pretty! I love how it shows the lovely colors for certain eye colors. I have brown eyes and I love the purple but I really love the gold as well. I’m a medium dark complexion. I love how it blends in.

  43. Stunning looks especially the one for green eyes! I have brown eyes and I experiment with all colors, but I love browns and golds.

  44. I have brown eyes I never knew that eyeshadow could make your eyes pop. I tried using neutral colours on my eyes yesterday and they looked brilliant. I shall consider the other tips. Thanks.

  45. I love these tips! I have always wondered which colors would look best with my eyes, glad to see that I was right to be using the browns and pinks!

  46. All the colors are so pretty and I do have brown eyes and there are so many to pick from.
    My daughter loved the models make up too they are so pretty.

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