Cosplay/Creative Makeup Look Tutorial with Pictures

Lionesse loves to bring you creative, awesome ideas in terms of makeup and style, and as you know by now, this week has been focused on the Cosplay genre. Today, Lionesse is thrilled to bring to you another creative makeup tutorial from our beauty blogger, Sarah, who is super excited to share this look with you all today. She is doing a Black Swan meets Cosplay inspired look for you all, so be sure to check out the images and how-to steps below as she guides you through from beginning to end.

Cosplay Makeup Finished Look

Hi, ladies – and welcome to yet another fun and inspiring beauty tutorial with me. Today, I am going to be focusing on creating a Black Swan and Manga sort of inspired look for the eyes, and a fun lip as well. This is super simple and easy to achieve, and all you need are the following items:

1. Black liquid eyeliner

2. White Eyeliner

3. Red Lipstick

This is how you will create your look, so be sure to follow along with the pictures and steps below.

Creative Cosplay Makeup Look Tutorial with Pictures - Black Liquid Liner

Step 1: Apply a thin layer of liquid liner across your top lash line. Thicken out the line until its pretty decent in size, like mine. From there, you will want to extend the line past the outer corner of your eye and flip upwards, as if you were creating a winged eyeliner look. Bring the corner of the eyeliner downwards and inwards, towards the bottom outer corner of the eye. The shape you are left with should look triangular in shape, although longer and more extended. From there, fill in the triangular shape, and line the bottom lash line with the liner as well. Then, take the liquid liner and complete the same step in the opposite direction on the inner corner of the eye – in other words, go inwards and downwards, creating somewhat of the same shape. Fill in the triangular shape as you did the outer corner.

Creative Cosplay Makeup Look Tutorial with Pictures - White Eyeliner

Step 2: Apply the white eyeliner to your waterline. The waterline is the thin line of skin that nearly touches your eyeball. Be sure to layer on a couple of layers of white, which will give your eye a larger appearance.

Black Liquid Liner for Creative Cosplay Makeup Look Tutorial

Step 3: Apply a coat of mascara to the bottom lashes. Apply a second coat once it has dried. This will give your eyes more depth and more of a manga type look.

Step 4: Now, it’s time to apply your lip color. You can apply a bright cherry red lip all across your lips top and bottom, as you normally would, or you can apply it directly in the middle of your lips in a somewhat heart shape for a more Asian inspired look. Think Geisha style.

Cosplay Makeup Tutorial Finished Look

That’s pretty much all there is to it! If you want to take it more of the Black Swan route, you can apply white face makeup to your entire face and neck before applying the liner and lipstick. Also, if you’d like to really change your eyes up, try on some different colored or shaped contacts to add more dimension to your eyes. Get creative! The sky’s the limit when it comes to cosplay makeup.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, and I look forward to posting more in the near future!

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