Signs That You’re A Makeup Addict

“Shout out to all the makeup I haven’t bought yet… I’m coming’ for you” |Source: Unknown| Oh yes, ladies, the struggle is real. If you’re a makeup addict, then you know it’s not actually your fault. Rather, it’s all because of your favorite aunt, glamorous grandmother, or whoever introduced you to makeup, gave you a glimpse […]

Looking Refreshed on The First Day of School

No matter how old you get, the thrill and nerves surrounding the first day of school never subside. To help ease your nerves we’ve put together an article full of everything you need. You need to look refreshed and feel your best on the first day of school. The best part? These are tips that […]

Beauty Inspired By Burning Man

As the end of summer approaches, so does the end of festival season. For the most part, many of the major music festivals held across the country have come and gone and had their trending hashtags on social media. While the light dancers of Coachella are a mere memory, and the tunes of Lollapalooza pop […]

Back To School Styles For Teachers

As August comes to a close, teachers all over the country are putting together lesson plans and decorating bulletin boards in preparation for the start of the 2016 school year. With back to school season officially upon us, we have put together a collection of ultra-modern school-appropriate outfits and style must-haves, perfect for teachers everywhere. […]

Creating A Bright Eyed Look

It seems that regardless of age or race, women are always yearning for bigger and brighter eyes. While we wholeheartedly believe that every one of us is unique and beautiful and that no matter who you are or what walks of life lie ahead, you should always love yourself. With that said, we also believe […]

Risks of Expired Makeup

When was the last time you ate expired food? I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that unless it was an accident, or maybe a high school dare, you’ve probably never eaten expired food. For good reason too; around the time that an expiration date hits food starts to smell different […]

Bare Skin Sleeping

Drink eight glasses of water per day. Change your sheets and pillow cases frequently. Do a regular self-check for new or unusual moles. Disinfect your cell phone. Always use SPF. Wash your makeup brushes. These are all beauty tips that you’ve heard many times before, while we hope that each and every one of them […]

Choosing The Perfect Foundation

In essence, choosing the shade of foundation that matches the color of your skin should be easy. But with hundreds of brands offering umpteen types of foundations, most of which follow a different color system, it can be quite the task to find the foundation that’s just right for your skin tone and type. We […]

Testing Out Ear Makeup

As you may have already noticed 2016 has welcomed all kinds of never-before-seen beauty trends and techniques. These unique crazes include things like colored eyelashes, detail oriented lip art, eyebrow tattoos, galaxy hair, and embellished hair parts just to name a few. Most unexpectedly, the latest beauty trend that is taking the industry by storm […]

Glammy Eyeliner Techniques

Just wing it. Life, eyeliner, everything. |Source: Unknown|  Life can be rough. With the excitement of a summer promotion behind us, dog days of summer upon us, the school year only days ahead of us, procrastination nation takes over. One of the best ways to get through even the most dreaded days is to face […]