Rocking A High Ponytail And Red Lip

woman with high ponytail and red lipstick

Since the boom in beauty bloggers and youtubers it seems like there’s been an increase in ladies rocking a high ponytail and red lip.  There’s something about this beauty look combination that we all love and are drawn to.  Technically, it’s a pretty simple look, but something about it takes some major confidence.  Even though it’s a pretty classic look, its bold and definitely makes a statement.  Anytime you wear a look that’s bold and memorable like a high ponytail and red lip, it takes confidence to rock.

So many women are hesitant to wear their hair and makeup in a way that does make such a bold statement, especially when it comes to a bold lip color.  For some reason our world has put some sort of pressure on women when wearing a bold color lipstick.  However, in the same realm red lips are always looked at as being incredibly beautiful and timeless.  It can be tricky to build up the confidence to actually wear a look like a high ponytail and red lip, but we believe anyone can feel confident rocking it.

woman with red lips

If you’re not sure HOW to feel confident wearing this look, the first step is to find a red lip color that you love.  Don’t think there’s a red lip color that will work for you?  Well, there is!  With so many different color options available, there truly is a red for everyone.  Once you find a red lip color that you enjoy you’re halfway there!  Not ready to go full on with the high ponytail AND red lip?  You can just wear the red lip a few times first, once you get more comfortable wearing the bold lip you’ll become more confident in yourself and the look.  After you feel confident with the red lip, take the plunge and throw your locks up into a high ponytail.  We know, we’re making it sound so much easier than it is – we get it’s a statement but you deserve to rock it!

Since the combination of the high ponytail and red lip is bold, make sure to keep the rest of your makeup low key so that you’re able to still shine through when rocking the look.  The great thing about this type of look is you’re truly able to make it work for you, just because beauty bloggers are wearing their makeup in a certain way with a bold lip and high ponytail doesn’t mean you have to!  Beauty, trends, and style in general are all able to be interpreted and worn in a way that’s personal and makes you feel your ultimate best.  The fact that the look is bold, is even more reason to make sure you make it your own and something that makes YOU feel confident.

What do you think of rocking a high ponytail and red lip?  Do you like the look?  Do you wear it?  If not, will you give it a try?

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