Masking The Double Chin

chinneck | noun | a term coined by Matthew Perry for one whose chin flows easily into their neck. Facing The Facts Even those women we resent most for their graceful aging, will at some point find themselves looking in the mirror noticing gravity take its course. Whether jowls or a double chin, nearly everyone will experience skin […]

Stand Tall, Eat Well, Hydrate

Sure, you’ve probably heard it time and time again, to stand tall, eat well, and hydrate. The thing is, many adults today hear these essential health tips, and try to teach this lifestyle to their children, but don’t actually live by these three simple rules. Today is the day to start. The reality is that […]

The Heels Have It

A Little Disney Magic The moment a little girl gazes into the television screen and watches Prince Charming place the glass slipper on Cinderella’s foot, two things become apparent: (1) every girl – whether rich, poor, short or tall – deserves a prince charming; (2) the perfect pair of heels can change a life. It […]

Marlene Dietrich Eyes — Eyebrows and Eye Shadow

Marlene Dietrich was one of the legends of early Hollywood. She started as a cabaret performer, and she became a big star of the silver screen. In addition to her notable acting roles, Dietrich made a mark with her distinctive looks. She had mesmerizing eyes that were heavily shadowed and topped by thin, arched brows. […]

Josephine Baker’s Dark Lip & Smokey Eye

“I’m not intimidated by anyone, Baker remarked once. “Everyone is made with two arms, two legs, a stomach, and a head. Just think about that.”–Josephine Baker Of course, among the many aspects that intrigued the world from the lovely Josephine Baker, a prominent memory was her “banana dance,” where she brandished a skirt consisting of […]

How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

There have been more than a few concurring studies on the powerful influence of larger eyes to make a woman appear more attractive to men. In response, women all over the world have always been interested in finding and following the most effective methods for getting their eyes to look bigger. Asian women are among […]

Glitter & Gold Smoky Eyes

The eyes have always been known as the windows to the soul, and the way any window is framed has the most significant impact on the beauty of that window, as every decent architect and builder knows. The exact manner in which you frame your eyes with makeup effects can create a myriad of effects […]

Elegantly Painted Faces

There are about as many reasons (occasions) for painting faces as there are choices that can be painted on faces, and this time of year, much like Halloween–but with more of an adult slant–Carnival celebrations are everywhere, from Mardi Gras to Carnival in Brazil. It’s mostly about masks, but any form of out-of-the-box styling is […]

Carnival Mask-Proof Make-Up

Carnival is all about parades, cut-loose parties, and festive balls. It’s about dancing like nobody’s watching to the compelling beats of high-energy calypso music with soca strains and wildly ornamented and ornate, vividly colored costumes, feathers and beading. It’s about creatively and exotically concealing your identity with artist flair in mask form until the big […]

What You Need to Know Before the Big Chop

It’s hotter outside. You’re going through a breakup. Your best friend did it. Or, maybe you’re just tired of the same old routine and want to spice up your hair life. Whatever the reason, taking the plunge from long hair to short hair can be intimidating, and it’s tempting to rush in without knowing exactly […]