Time Saving Hair and Makeup Tips

According to a recent data, the average woman spends roughly an hour getting ready every morning. But imagine being able to sleep in – that’s right, we didn’t day “wake up late,” we said “sleep in” –  even thirty minutes more, without having to rush your morning routine. Imagine cutting the amount of time you spend […]

Summer Highlighting Tips

So you’ve just gotten a full set of highlights at the salon and they’re absolutely perfect for summer. But between work, beach weekends with the girls, hot yoga, and cycling classes, studying for your graduate school entry exam and going on fun dates with that hottie that you’ve been Snapchatting all month it seems like […]

Free-Spirited Makeup and Hair

Very much like the various styles of art hung on museum walls around the world, there are numerous hair and makeup styles fashioned by women day after day. Although society has come a long way over the past years, it seems that there remains to be a stigma projected towards those who experiment with free-spirited […]

Pageant Worthy Hair

Congeniality, Cosmetics and Wide-Barrel Curlers The three (unofficial) C’s of pageantry, ladies. It is no secret that the toddlers (and their controversial parents), tweens, teens, and young women of pageants work hard 365 days of the year in hopes of bearing a bedazzled crown to represent their hometown, home state, and more. While just a […]

There She Glows

Wear Your Crown, Princess Remember the CW’s hit show, Gossip Girl? Blair Waldorf, played by Leighton Meester, and her minions (a.k.a all her friends who did her dirty work for her), gave a new meaning to their hair accessory world. These young women wore their headbands as a means of displaying their status. Of course, […]

The Big Chop for Charity

For those of you who have decided to make the big change and take the big chop, you may be wondering if it is possible for you to donate your hair. Donating your hair gives someone else the chance to live confidently – so why not give your hair a second coming to make someone […]

Pigtails, French Braids & Fishtails

‘Do’s for Days Whether you woke up late and need a quick fix for your hair before you plug in at the office, need a polished look for the rehearsal dinner, or you are just tired of doing the same thing day in and day out with your hair, there are endless options! There’s a […]

What You Need to Know Before the Big Chop

It’s hotter outside. You’re going through a breakup. Your best friend did it. Or, maybe you’re just tired of the same old routine and want to spice up your hair life. Whatever the reason, taking the plunge from long hair to short hair can be intimidating, and it’s tempting to rush in without knowing exactly […]

Does Makeup Need to Change with Haircuts?

Now, when you go in for a half-inch or two off, there is really nothing you need to do differently with regard to your style of makeup. It’s the more dramatic length reductions and scissors-sculpted effects that always have a major effect on the look of your “till now” standby makeup routine. You have surely […]

Makeup to Complement Curls

While there are so many girls who have curly hair, only recently have a lot of them even let the world know about it. Straight hair has dominated the hair fashion scene for so long, for a lot of reasons–but finally, curls have come into their own, with amazing response-looks from every direction and we’re […]