The 7-Minute Morning Routine

woman mediating

Sometimes it feels like there’s never enough time in the morning to get ready and start your day on a positive note.  Not only that, but it can feel like it’s impossible to start your day without total chaos breaking out.  If we’re honest, our mornings aren’t as productive as they could be and it has a tendency of carrying out into the rest of our day.  Cue the 7-minute morning routine.  Not sure what we’re talking about?  It stems from the idea that it takes only 7 minutes to adjust how you actually approach your day and help you in being more productive.  If you’re still not totally sure what we’re talking about we’re going to lay it all out for you.  If you want to start your day on a more positive note to help make your day better, this routine has been found to be a lifesaver!

Prep Yourself
Before you really get started with the 7 minute morning routine, you need to find a quiet place to go through the routine.   It’s suggested that you don’t actually go through this process in a place like your desk or car, as there are often a lot of distractions in those places.  Instead, find a place that’s truly quiet and free of as many distractions as possible.  In addition, be sure to have a journal, pen, and watch with you.  Getting these little details sorted out are going to ensure you can be more present during the 7-minute process.

Clear Your Mind
This is something that you can do, how you want, meditation is often suggested as it’s known for a great way to clear your mind.  If meditation isn’t really your thing, just make sure you’re taking some time to get present in the moment and eliminate all the ‘stuff.’  Yes, this means turning off your phone, computer, all that stuff and just clearing your mind to be truly present in the moment.  This is what you’re going to want to do for one minute.

Once you’ve gotten present for a whole minute, the second minute you’re going to want to start breathing…intentionally.  Of course we want you to be breathing during the other processes, but during this minute it’s suggested that you do some deep breathing to calm yourself and your mind a little more.

woman journaling

Start Writing And Drawing
During minutes 3-6, after you’ve gotten present and completed your deep breathing, it’s time to start drawing and writing.  This is much different than journaling, as it’s suggested that you just start drawing/writing the first few things that come to your mind.  It can be anything, anything at all.  Don’t force anything, just let what you think come out onto the paper.  It doesn’t have to be perfect or come out perfect, just get the thoughts out and onto paper.

Digest Your Thoughts
For the final minute, go through what you just wrote in your journal/notes and think about what these things mean.  Why did you write/draw these things?  Once you’ve determined that, make a quick plan (it’s suggested you plan for just 30 seconds) to actually act on just one of the items in your notes.

Have you ever tried the 7-minute morning routine?  If not, will you give it a try?

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