Enjoy Your Beauty Beverage

A youthful and radiant complexion isn’t owed solely to the products which women lather on the skin. Rather, the foods and drinks consumed on a daily basis play a part in the maintenance of a healthy complexion too. So-called “Superfoods” such as avocado, spinach, and kale contain high levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which […]

Bare Skin Sleeping

Drink eight glasses of water per day. Change your sheets and pillow cases frequently. Do a regular self-check for new or unusual moles. Disinfect your cell phone. Always use SPF. Wash your makeup brushes. These are all beauty tips that you’ve heard many times before, while we hope that each and every one of them […]

Proper Makeup Removal

It’s no secret that after a long day some women hit the sack with the full face of makeup, as they’ve neglected the important process of makeup removal. No one’s perfect – it happens more than anyone of us would like to admit! Then there’re those days (or nights?) when you get all dolled up, […]

Cucumbers and Eye Puffiness

Do you ever wake up after a long weekend with unsightly eye puffiness that you just can’t seem to hide? All it takes is a few online searches to find one of the most popular eyes puffiness cures: cucumbers. Chances are likely that this cure isn’t news to you, maybe you’ve heard of the green […]

Beachy Summer Makeup

While wearing makeup to the beach is seldom recommended, it seems that there is always a reason to wear even the slightest bit of makeup. Maybe you need a confidence boost or maybe you’re breaking out. Perhaps your crush is coming with you, or it could be that you are just someone who genuinely enjoys […]

DIY Daily Face Massage

Women are taught from an early age to keep their fingers off their face – unless they are cleansing, moisturizing, or beautifying – as an effective measure when striving for a clear complexion. Now, this article is not meant to suggest that it is okay rub dirty fingers all over the face; this article is […]

The Art of Belly Dancing

Men are from Mars, belly dancers are from heaven -Author unknown Belly dancing is believed to be one of the most beautiful dances in the world, for a good reason to! In fact not only is belly dancing a sensual, unique dance, but practicing the art of belly dancing has also been found to have amazing […]

Airbrushed Makeup

For a while, airbrush makeup was only available to celebrities and models. However, more than ever before makeup artists and beauty experts are taking the necessary classes, allowing them to specialize in the highly sought after makeup technique. The airbrush makeup method is known to give the wearer a flawless looking complexion that is certain […]

Lighter Makeup For Spring

Spring Has Sprung Well.. almost! Just think, by this time next month those warm winter jackets will be in the back of the closet, taking the pup on a walk will once again be an enjoyable task, and you will be contemplating what color polish to paint your toes, as strappy Egyptian style sandals will […]

Stand Tall, Eat Well, Hydrate

Sure, you’ve probably heard it time and time again, to stand tall, eat well, and hydrate. The thing is, many adults today hear these essential health tips, and try to teach this lifestyle to their children, but don’t actually live by these three simple rules. Today is the day to start. The reality is that […]