Makeup Tips for Gemini Girls

Gemini women are one of the luckiest signs in the zodiac. Not only are they the most versatile of all the signs when it comes to their personalities, meaning they are never the same day to day – which, let’s face it, keeps things interesting – but they are also blessed with the gift of appearing 5-10 years younger than they actually are, and that helps to keep them looking youthful and beautiful well into their older years. Gemini girls benefit from natural looking makeup, or cosmetic application that is very subtle but still offers a slight pop of color. Lionesse would like to give you Gemini girls a few makeup tips that will help you to look your very best every time you apply your makeup.

Closeup of a woman's eye with brown eyeshadows.

Choose Browns
Any type of a brown hue looks fantastic on the Gemini when it comes to eyeshadow. Opt for these types of browns for the best possible look, night or day:

  • Chocolate brown
  • Mocha
  • Caramel
  • Suede
  • Smokey Brown
  • Tan
  • Coffee

These colors can be applied across the eyelid, or as an eyeliner when applied to the lash line – both upper and lower lids – for a dramatic, smokey effect.

Closeup of a woman with smokey eyes

Smokey Eyes
The smokey eye look looks amazing on a Gemini, and the look can be completed with the traditional black and grey blended hues, or you could also opt for brown hues as a slightly different look or for a different effect. This will really help those Gemini eyes sparkle and be brought to life.

Woman wearing nude lipstick.

Nude Lips
Nude lips always look fantastic on any Gemini, no matter what time of day. Nude lips are the perfect complement to going to work and dressing the part, or going out at night for dinner and drinks. Choose any type of a nude lip that you like, as there are different nude shades. Nude lips will really bring out that famous Gemini pout everyone knows and loves.

Woman with bright pink lips

Pink Lips
Much like nude lips, pink lipstick is also great for the Gemini female. Pink lips also work well for any occasion – and not only that, they are perfect for spring and summer. You can interchange your pink hues with whatever shade you love, as a Gemini can pull any of these off without a doubt. The lips are important to Gemini, and are one of their core assets – the pink hue will do it justice!

Woman applying a blush.

Peachy Blush
Peachy blushers are always a great look on a Gemini. Since Gemini’s tend to have prominent cheek bones, it would be a good idea to apply the blusher to the apples of the cheeks, or to highlight the cheek bones with the blusher for maximum effect.

Woman with yellow accents on her eyes.

Yellow Accents
Gemini’s look fantastic in yellow, and that’s why yellow eyeshadow is perfect for highlighting the inner corner of the eyes, the top lash line and the outer edge of the eye with a yellow pigment. It can be used in conjunction with a black liquid liner, or black cream liner blended out to give sort of a smokey eye effect.

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