Innovative Makeup Artists

Have you ever browsed the many makeup counters and online stores, to find yourself wondering how exactly it all started? Who came up with the idea? You’re not alone! We’ve done our due diligence to share with you the story of two groundbreaking makeup artists. The stories of these two innovators are quite different, however, […]

Country & Independent

I’m a country girl, I grew up strong. Learned how to fight back and how to get along. ~ Author Unknown There are undeniable differences between country girls and city girls; it has been this way for decades! As we as a nation continue to advance and expand, many sweet tea sippin’ gals find themselves […]

Free-Spirited Makeup and Hair

Very much like the various styles of art hung on museum walls around the world, there are numerous hair and makeup styles fashioned by women day after day. Although society has come a long way over the past years, it seems that there remains to be a stigma projected towards those who experiment with free-spirited […]

The Boho Makeup Look

Contrary to popular belief, the bohemian look has been around for decades. The Bohemian, or Boho, style is a fabulous, effortless, modish look that is perfect for all sorts of occasions; the current festival season, beach outings with the girls, summer patio parties and even date night are occasions when the Boho style is perfectly […]

Be Your Inner Disney Princess

We all have one man to thank for all the magical Disney Princess inspired costumes, coloring books and puzzles that filled our childhood (or your children’s childhood if you happened to be a queen at during the 90’s), and his name is Andy Mooney! Andy started working for Disney in 1999 with the duty of […]

Hot Nail Shapes

The nail industry has exploded over the past few decades! There are thousands, if not millions, of nail polish colors and hundreds of nail polish companies. Some women enjoy selecting one of the thousands of nail boutiques as their favorite, and going regularly for an acrylic or gel fill or polish change. Other women enjoy […]

Airbrushed Makeup

For a while, airbrush makeup was only available to celebrities and models. However, more than ever before makeup artists and beauty experts are taking the necessary classes, allowing them to specialize in the highly sought after makeup technique. The airbrush makeup method is known to give the wearer a flawless looking complexion that is certain […]

Don’t Forget The Lashes

False eyelashes are becoming more and more popular by the second. With today’s hottest celebs sporting extra long lashes, and some even teaming up with beauty and cosmetic companies to endorse falsies, it is no wonder ladies everywhere are stocking up on lashes for every occasion. Prom is right around the corner, and what better […]

Crowd Friendly Makeup

Jump, clap, and shout, because after all, it is concert and festival season! With the temperatures getting hotter, women often struggle to find a makeup look that truly suits them and the blazing hot weather; not to mention finding makeup that can withstand all the dancing, singing, and sweating that goes down at a good […]

Freshen Up Between Sets

When You Need a Shower, Right Now All of us have been there, right? When you get that feeling that you just need to take a shower right that instant. It is totally normal, and happens to the majority of us more than we would ever admit. Most get this feeling once a week; and […]