How to Make Your Red Lip Last


Red lipstick has been a staple in every woman’s cosmetic routine for as long as the beauty world can remember. It gained increasing popularity during the 1940’s, and has held its own since that time. Red lips offer color and vibrancy to any outfit, brighten up dreary days, and add the perfect color pop to pictures. They are the perfect accessory to set off any outfit, and are perfect for any occasion. Lionesse would like to give you some tips on how you can make your red lip last throughout the day or night.

Woman applying a red lip liner.

Lip Liner
Applying lip liner in a hue that matches the shade of your lip color all over the lips and then applying your red lip color will help the lipstick stay put all day long. Lining the lips alone will not allow the lipstick to stay, so be sure to fill in the entirety of your lips with the pencil before applying lipstick.

Translucent Powder in a white background.

Translucent Powder
After applying your favorite matte shade of red lip stick, lightly dust your lips with some translucent powder to seal the look so it will last all day long. This isn’t recommended for those using any type of shimmery or shine induced lip color, as it will take away the sheen. Matte lipsticks work great with this method though.

Woman touching her lips.

Applying your favorite lip color and blotting with a tissue will help press the lip color into your lips, giving them a beautiful red look all day. After blotting, you can reapply a fresh coat of lip color to seal in the color and give it more vibrancy. The under layer of color will provide long wear all day long, and help your lipstick stay.

Woman sipping a drink with a straw.

Use a Straw
Rather than drinking from a glass (unless it’s wine, of course) always opt for a straw when drinking from a cup. This will protect the lips from losing color on the side of the glass, and allow your color to last longer.

Woman applying red lipstick

Choose Long Wear Lipsticks
Nearly every brand of lipstick offers a long-wear option in their line. Choose products that are meant for long wear, and ensure even, well distributed application takes place. These products are more capable of staying put for longer periods of time than the average lip color.

Makeup Setting Spray
Use a quick spritz of makeup setting spray to keep your lip color in place all day long.

Woman applying a lip stain on her lips.

Choose a Lip Stain
Rather than using a traditional lipstick, try using a red tinted lip stain instead. Use a high gloss lip glaze over the top of the stain to give it a shimmery effect.

Woman applying primer on her lips.

Use Primer
Use a good primer on your lips before applying your lip color. Not only will it hold the color in place all day, but it will give the color a more vibrant appearance all day long.

Lionesse hopes these helpful tips to keeping your red lip last throughout the day will come in handy to help you with your look, and we hope you will give them a try the next time you have the urge to wear a red lip color.

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