Korean Technique for Youthful Eyes: Aegyo Sal

Aegyo Sal is a Korean skin care technique used for the eyes to appear more youthful and puffed – but in a good way. It might be hard for anyone to understand why any woman would want to inflate the area under her eyes, giving them a puffed appearance. There is a difference, dermatologists say, between bags and the typical youthful puffed section under the eyes. Today, Lionesse would like to explain what that difference is, what Aegyo Sal is, and how you can get the look – if you feel so inclined.

Asian woman with beautiful eyes.

Aegyo Sal – What It Is
Aegyo Sal is a Korean skin care technique which is administered via injection underneath the bottom eyelid, giving the eyes a big of a second lid so to speak, and thus a healthier, more youthful appearance. Many children and teens and even those into their early twenties have natural ‘second lids’, as they are called, and this helps to give them their youthful look, aside from youthful, wrinkle free skin. The Aegyo Sal look is becoming increasingly popular in other parts of the world aside from Korea, and more women who into their late 20’s who have them are now embracing them as a last resort of the youth they once held dear.

How is Artificial Aegyo Sal Completed?
One might have to wonder how a procedure such as Aegyo Sal is done, and it’s really rather a simple process. To mimic the process of natural fat deposits under the eyes that is the natural form of Aegyo Sal, doctors will either give injections under the eye area, or implant what is known as Korean Eye Bands under the eye area in an outpatient surgical setting. The process does carry along risks associated with the surgery, as does any surgery, yet many people across the globe are opting for the treatment nonetheless. Many doctors have torn opinions on the surgery itself, some calling it silly and ridiculous, while others tout the effectiveness it has at making the face appear more youthful and making the eyes appear larger and wider. For those who aren’t quite sure if they want to opt for the surgical route, cosmetics can be applied in a particular fashion under the eye area to achieve the same type of look – and there are many YouTube videos and tutorials available online to teach you precisely how the look is done – all without going under the knife.

Beautiful Asian woman with large eyes.

What Are the Risks Involved With Aegyo Sal Surgery?
As with any surgery, Aegyo Sal procedures carry risks associated with the surgery such as infection and the body’s inability to take to the implant. Though rare, these things may happen. It’s important to educate yourself before undergoing any surgical procedure. Lots of research is important essential to a full recovery. When in doubt, ask your doctor’s opinion on whatever the surgery is to be performed before going under the knife to gain a bit of knowledge from someone who knows. Be sure to bring questions for your physician to answer so you will be more comfortable with the procedure.

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