Summer Highlighting Tips

So you’ve just gotten a full set of highlights at the salon and they’re absolutely perfect for summer. But between work, beach weekends with the girls, hot yoga, and cycling classes, studying for your graduate school entry exam and going on fun dates with that hottie that you’ve been Snapchatting all month it seems like […]

Pageant Worthy Hair

Congeniality, Cosmetics and Wide-Barrel Curlers The three (unofficial) C’s of pageantry, ladies. It is no secret that the toddlers (and their controversial parents), tweens, teens, and young women of pageants work hard 365 days of the year in hopes of bearing a bedazzled crown to represent their hometown, home state, and more. While just a […]

Curly Girl Hair Tricks

Sleek or Slinky Doesn’t it seem that at just about any age, you always want something you can’t easily attain? Often times, this can be a motivator, causing driven individuals to satisfy their needs by working hard to get what they want. But what about those things that genetics define, like hair? It seems that […]

How to Reduce Hair Growth on Face

How to Reduce Hair Growth in Face: The Different Ways With amazing advancement in technology, you can choose from both temporary and permanent solutions to reduce hair growth on your face and give way to clean and flawless looking skin in no time. However, it is important to understand the underlying cause of such hair […]

natural ways to remove dye from hair

Natural Ways to Remove Dye from Hair Are you one of those looking to get hair color done? Well, while that golden streak of hair might look good on you, do realize that it can be often difficult to remove the color and dye from your hair. It is always a good idea to ask […]

how to avoid hair damage at all times

How to Avoid Hair Damage – The Must Knows If you’re one of those who have to travel a lot, you would know how difficult it is to maintain your hair. There is a lot that you can do, including taking a shampoo daily but it can be difficult to protect your hair from getting […]

Natural Ways of Keeping Hair Soft and Smooth with Lionesse

Keeping Hair Soft and Smooth Everybody knows that they need to use Vitamin C to make their skin glow. Vitamin C provides the skin with all the nutrients it needs, the skin starts to glow with regular use and develops a beautiful shine over it. Vitamin C deficiency reduces nutrient level in the skin and […]

Lionesse Helps You Get More Volume in an Instant

  As we age, our hair has a tendency to thin out and become sparser and flatter, bringing the stress of how to get more volume with it. In actuality, it’s really not that difficult to attain great volume even as we age. Although it may be difficult to know where to turn or what […]