Rocking A High Ponytail And Red Lip

Since the boom in beauty bloggers and youtubers it seems like there’s been an increase in ladies rocking a high ponytail and red lip.  There’s something about this beauty look combination that we all love and are drawn to.  Technically, it’s a pretty simple look, but something about it takes some major confidence.  Even though […]

The 7-Minute Morning Routine

Sometimes it feels like there’s never enough time in the morning to get ready and start your day on a positive note.  Not only that, but it can feel like it’s impossible to start your day without total chaos breaking out.  If we’re honest, our mornings aren’t as productive as they could be and it […]

Makeup Tips For The Fall Bride

The makeup and beauty trends making marks this fall are all about dramatic eyes and bold lips and It just so happens that these glam trends make for perfect bridal beauty. If you’re tying the knot this season, it’s likely that your schedule has been filled with dress fittings and cake tastings leaving you little […]

Make Your Freckles Pop

“Freckles: Little angels kisses, sprinkled like sugar. Dancing merrily, around an ivory face. Coffee colored diamonds, mark battle wounds of defeat, on rosy cheeks, tells a story. But their whimsical details; One of freedom and love, encompassed on a blank canvas.” |Source: Unknown| Some women have freckles year-round while others have a sprinkle of speckles that make an appearance […]

Fall’s Best Lip and Eye Colors

Beach season is finally over; tan lines will start to fade, bright yellow school buses will add congestion to the morning commute, the color of leaves will start to change, and just as they begin their descent to the ground you’ll be pulling out your favorite hoodie while you silently admit to yourself that that […]

Enjoy Your Beauty Beverage

A youthful and radiant complexion isn’t owed solely to the products which women lather on the skin. Rather, the foods and drinks consumed on a daily basis play a part in the maintenance of a healthy complexion too. So-called “Superfoods” such as avocado, spinach, and kale contain high levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which […]

Cream, Mousse, or Liquid

Thanks to new technology the beauty industry has flourished. Just one example of how such advancements is can be seen in the industry is by the looking at the foundation on the market today: Imagine asking a friend to pick up a new foundation for you on their way over because you ran out and […]

Learn How to Choose and Use An Eyebrow Kit

Depending on the individual, some might say that the eyebrows are the most important part of a makeup routine. Not only because shapely and full eyebrows are all the rage right now, but also because the eyebrows frame the face. While some women have next-to-professional skills at maintaining and filling in their brows, others have […]

Applying Statement Makeup

Applying the same makeup day after day can be tiresome. However, it’s comfortable, right? You learn how to master a specific makeup technique and get ready following the same steps one morning after the next. Then when a unique opportunity presents itself, you find that you’re not entirely sure how you should wear your makeup. […]

Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed lazy girl who likes to look fabulous but doesn’t want to spend too much time on your beauty routine, or you have a jam packed schedule and can’t find the time for a full beauty routine, you’ve likely found yourself looking up beauty hacks of all sorts. The problem with looking […]