Self-Tan Like a Pro

There is just something about a tan that makes a person look healthier, more radiant and even slimmer! Teeth look whiter next to a tan, and having a bit of tanned skin subtly indicates that you enjoy an active outdoor life and take time for yourself. As scientifically proven studies continue to reveal even more […]

Pull off a Greek Goddess Beauty Look

Greek goddesses set the standard for beauty in many forms, and perhaps none more memorable than with the birth of the most beautiful goddess of them all, Aphrodite. As the goddess of love and beauty, was formed from the foam of the sea, and had eyes that were said to be as blue as the […]

Halloween Cat Nails

The beginning of October can only mean one thing, Halloween!! We begin in earnest to plan the best way to decorate of the house, on a scale only just behind Christmas.  Thoughts wander off in all directions to outdo yourself, and others, with this year’s costume. A great way to add just that little bit […]

Makeup Only Halloween Costumes

With Halloween approaching closer every day, if you have not finalized your costume, there’s no time like the present to get on the ball. You don’t want to be that person at the party whose costume reeks of no more than a “last minute” thoughtless assembly. You’ve seen this person before on Halloween, and you […]

Fall Skin Care Trends

One common mistake you can be guilty of making is to pick a skin care regimen and stick to it, 24/7, all throughout the year. Now, this is not to say that some elements of a well-chosen skin care routine should not be followed through the entire year, because many of the things you’re doing […]