How to Do Your Own Prom Makeup

Prom time means time to look your absolute best. You have your dress picked out, the perfect pair of shoes, and the best clutch to go along with it. All of the accessories are in order, and you’re dying to slip into that dress and look stunning. You haven’t figured out yet whether or not […]

Earth Toned Taurus Makeup Tutorial

The Taurus woman is all about looking her absolute best, showcasing her gorgeous eyes and beautiful pout. Lionesse is here today with an earth toned neutral makeup look showcasing just how gorgeous neutral, earth toned shades can look on a Taurus girl. Today, we have beauty blogger Sarah McCormick here with us, giving all of […]

Tips for Packing the Perfect Makeup Case

When it comes down to packing your makeup bag for any sort of occasion, it can be difficult to know what to bring, what to pack it in, and how. Lionesse has developed this nifty little instructional guide as to how to pack the perfect makeup case, and we would like to share it with […]

How to Get Your Best Brows

Your eyebrows are an important and essential aspect to your overall appearance, and keeping them well -groomed and maintained can do a lot to showcase your eyes. Lionesse has some tips for getting and keeping your brows the best they can be, and how you can get the look you want. Don’t Go Tweeze Happy […]

Secrets to a Long Lasting Manicure

When you have spent your time and hard earned money getting your nails manicured at the salon, the last thing you want to worry about is the look not lasting for more than a day. There are ways to keep your nails fresh, beautiful, and gorgeous for a long period of time, and well into […]

Beauty Trend: Lip Oils

Most women love to apply lipstick, whether it’s to add some color to the face, or to disguise a late night’s dark circles and draw attention elsewhere. Some women have to have their lipstick on a daily basis, whereas other women save it for special occasions. The problem is, lipstick can be drying – and […]

Festival Makeup Ideas – Coachella

Festival season is here, and it’s about to get into full swing with many different music and art festivals throughout the country about to kick off their tours and events. Although there are different styles of dress and cosmetic application, there is nothing quite like the look of a Coachella girl. Lionesse is here to […]

Disco Look 

There are so many different disco looks from the 70’s to love. Many women remember the time of sequin covered floors, fringe bags, tight leather pants, and platform shoes. Lionesse, in the spirit of all things 70’s, would like to take a few minutes to talk about the style and fashion from the 70’s – […]