Fire Engine Red

Lipstick, licorice, and wine. Now, ask yourself, what do these three things all have in common? Although not exclusively, they are all available – as well as widely consumed and associated – in the color red. Consumer Psychologists have found that products which are available in the color red, such as the products mentioned above, often […]

All Day Eyelash Curls

I never underestimate the power of hot rollers for your hair and eyelash curlers for your eyelashes. | Source: Busy Philipps | Truth be told, curled eyelashes are anything but a new concept, but let’s be real here, few people actually curl their lashes. Sure, there are a fair amount of women who have no […]

Remove Makeup Stains From Almost Anything

Surely you’ve heard of Edward A. Murphy’s wrong way installation observation, right? Maybe you’ll better recognize the term Murphy’s Law; Murphy’s law is a popular adage which states “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” If anything can be learned from makeup mishaps – you know, like dropping an open lipstick on a white rug, […]

Time Saving Hair and Makeup Tips

According to a recent data, the average woman spends roughly an hour getting ready every morning. But imagine being able to sleep in – that’s right, we didn’t day “wake up late,” we said “sleep in” –  even thirty minutes more, without having to rush your morning routine. Imagine cutting the amount of time you spend […]

No Commitment Necessary

Sure a pixie cut looks exquisite on actress Emma Watson, but could you really rock the look? Could you actually rock bold winged eyeliner like Riri? Will that olive nail color really make you look tanner or will it just wash you out? These tedious, sometimes ridiculous, questions that run through our minds every day […]

Using Eyebrow Tint Gel

“As long as my eyebrows look good and my bank account is growing, I could really care less.” Source: Boss Babe (TM) Eyebrows are important… like really important! Everyone who’s made the mistake of over plucking realized this the moment they pulled back from the mirror. Simply put, properly maintained eyebrows not only make a […]

Summer Highlighting Tips

So you’ve just gotten a full set of highlights at the salon and they’re absolutely perfect for summer. But between work, beach weekends with the girls, hot yoga, and cycling classes, studying for your graduate school entry exam and going on fun dates with that hottie that you’ve been Snapchatting all month it seems like […]

Perfecting The No-Makeup Selfie

“Okay – but first, let me take a selfie” No-makeup selfies have been strewing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds over the past year and a half or so, and for a good cause too! While many social media users are unaware, the #NoMakeupSelfie all started in March of 2014 when cancer researchers in the United […]

Flashy Lip Art

“That’s one of the tings I love about makeup. You can change your whole attitude by just doing eyeliner or lipstick differently?” – Source : Beyonce – It seems that women young and old have always an eternal appreciation for the pure bliss that makeup gives us. Whether you need to hide an unwanted pimple […]

Contouring Your Half Halo

If you’ve yet to give the half halo highlight a try, you are indisputably missing out! The half halo is the hottest trend in the beauty world and a must try the highlighting technique of the summer.  Before you feel like you’re way behind on the summer trends, know that other terms such as “strobing,” […]