European Beauty Trends

Europe takes the cake when it comes to creating innovative, beautiful trends in beauty. Year after year, we see some of the most fantastic hair trends and beauty trends emerge on the runways, in magazines, and on the internet – and many of those are formed, or got their beginnings, in Europe. Today, Lionesse showcases a few of these amazing trends that we love, and that we believe might be sticking around for a while.

Woman with side parted hair.

Extreme Side Parted Hair
We have been seeing this make waves on the runways and in fashion magazines everywhere – but in England, this style is really taking off. It can also be seen quite prominently in France and Italy as well. Extreme side parted hair is taking the side part to a whole new level. Incorporate a wet look into the mix with a gel and water cocktail to really be a trendsetter.

Blonde woman with faded out hair colors.

Faded Out Hair Color Trend
This look is quite the hit right now in all of Europe. Many women are opting for an ice blonde hue and fading the tips of their hair to a baby pink color, or other colors such as baby blue, turquoise, or lavender purple. It’s sort of a cross between the ombre look, rainbow hair, and mermaid hair combined into one.

Woman showing her manicured nails.

Faux Gel Manicures
This trend is one we are really excited about. For those of us who have indulged in a gel nail color, we know that UV light is typically required to get the proper dry and to keep the nails looking shiny and vibrant. Well, not anymore. Women across Europe are jumping on board with the gel look nails by use of nail polishes that incorporate volcanic glass and a super high-octane shine to give the illusion of a gel manicure, without the wait and dry time. Most of these nail products dry as quickly as, if not faster than, typical nail colors. Common shades to be seen this season across Europe are purples, pinks, berry hues and nudes.

Woman with a big bangs hairstyle.

Big Bangs Hair Extensions
This trend is taking hair extensions to a whole new level. If you’ve ever gotten tired of wearing your long hair bang-free, there’s extensions for that. Most of us have seen the bang hair extensions, but Europe is taking it to a whole new level by bringing back the big hair! Is anyone else feeling slightly nostalgic over the 80’s decade suddenly? They come in a few different styles, from feathered styles, to poufy, to thick and whispy.

Woman with a beautiful natural makeup look.

Dewy, Vibrant Skin
Okay, so this is not a trend only being seen in Europe – women across the globe are opting for a more dewy, radiant appearance – but in Europe right now, women are forgoing the heavy makeup for a more natural, moisturized approach. They are cleansing, moisturizing their skin with brightening moisturizers, and dabbing some hydrating lip balms onto their skin. They may even add some highlighting with the strobing technique – but you won’t see many women right now in this region doing a full face of heavy makeup. They are also opting for drinking more water to give a radiant glow.

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