New Palettes for Your Eyecolor

Summer is finally here and that means there are tons of new eyeshadow palettes on the market. Gather together your favorite palettes from last year and put them aside, because the newest eyeshadow palettes offer options for everyone! The best part is that they offer a range of colors for day and night, and are […]

Momoko Ogihara Inspired

Japanese It-Girl Momoko Ogihara has been turning heads lately, so much so that she has even inspired a new makeup trend: Momoko makeup. For those who are unfamiliar with the trending makeup look, the Momoko makeup style is a specific way of applying bright pink blush much higher on the cheekbones, than one normally would; […]

The Hangover Makeover

The majority of women dread looking in the mirror the morning after a late night on the town. The swollen eyes, swollen eyelids and pasty complexion might have some women contemplating decisions made the night before. Often times, women will do everything within their power to hide the fact they are hungover; this usually involves […]

DIY Daily Face Massage

Women are taught from an early age to keep their fingers off their face – unless they are cleansing, moisturizing, or beautifying – as an effective measure when striving for a clear complexion. Now, this article is not meant to suggest that it is okay rub dirty fingers all over the face; this article is […]

Young and Fresh Hues

Venturing into the world of makeup as a teen can be both difficult and stressful. Every woman has been there at least one time before; we totally understand how challenging and confusing it can be to figure out the makeup products to use, what order to apply each product, and which makeup tips actually work. […]

Snapping the Perfect Selfie

“Life’s more fun when you live in the moment!” Snapchat Well, That’s Just Awkward! When was the last time you asked someone to take a picture of you… solo? You know: a cute picture of just you alone, no one by your side, just you? Probably not within the last five to ten years; thanks […]

Runway Makeup Styles for Teens

Of course, the clothes adorned by models strutting the Fashion Week catwalk are wonderfully inspiring, but surely the beauty it’s the beauty – the ravishing hairdos, the enchanting makeup styles – that are possibly much more exciting. Plus, the best part about the soon-to-be trending makeup looks that worn can be worn almost instantaneously, unlike […]

Recreating Adele’s Look

English singer and songwriter, Adele, can be seen through just about every media outlet today. Not only do her sexy, emotion-evoking songs top the charts, but her beauty has a sort of timeless charm. Although the singer never looks the slights bit short of flawless, some might be surprised just how easy it is to […]

Choosing the Right Makeup Brush

Have you ever went on a makeup haul, arriving home with all sorts of new makeup, only to realize that you might not have the right brush to apply that new loose powder foundation or smooth crème eye shadow? Then you make your way back over to the store to find the right brush for […]

Makeup Tips for an Interview

Whether you’ve just graduated and are in search of your first “real” job, or you’re switching careers chances are you’ve put endless amounts of tender love and care into your Linked In profile, cover letters, and resume ensuring that they were perfect. Since you look great on paper, you should hold up (maybe even exceed) […]