Flashy Lip Art

“That’s one of the tings I love about makeup. You can change your whole attitude by just doing eyeliner or lipstick differently?” – Source : Beyonce – It seems that women young and old have always an eternal appreciation for the pure bliss that makeup gives us. Whether you need to hide an unwanted pimple […]

Contouring Your Half Halo

If you’ve yet to give the half halo highlight a try, you are indisputably missing out! The half halo is the hottest trend in the beauty world and a must try the highlighting technique of the summer.  Before you feel like you’re way behind on the summer trends, know that other terms such as “strobing,” […]

Keep Your Eyebrows Looking Fresh

How do you style your brows? Do you go for a thick arched look like Lauren Bacall or a straight boyish style like Cara Streicher? Do you prefer them to look full and structured like Kim Kardashian-West’s or soft and natural like the Olsen twins? If you ever feel like you can’t keep your bows […]

Proper Makeup Removal

It’s no secret that after a long day some women hit the sack with the full face of makeup, as they’ve neglected the important process of makeup removal. No one’s perfect – it happens more than anyone of us would like to admit! Then there’re those days (or nights?) when you get all dolled up, […]

Cucumbers and Eye Puffiness

Do you ever wake up after a long weekend with unsightly eye puffiness that you just can’t seem to hide? All it takes is a few online searches to find one of the most popular eyes puffiness cures: cucumbers. Chances are likely that this cure isn’t news to you, maybe you’ve heard of the green […]

Beachy Summer Makeup

While wearing makeup to the beach is seldom recommended, it seems that there is always a reason to wear even the slightest bit of makeup. Maybe you need a confidence boost or maybe you’re breaking out. Perhaps your crush is coming with you, or it could be that you are just someone who genuinely enjoys […]

Wearing the Rainbow

For the past few years, the beauty world has favored neutral and monotone makeup palettes. While the nude trend remains, the beauty world has welcomed in the bold statement of color – or colors, should we say? It seems that wearing a rainbow of colors is the season’s biggest trend. Rainbow patterns started popping up […]

Great Summer Nail Colors

When summer weather makes way, out come the vintage cut-off shorts, the red bikinis and the umpteen pairs of leather sandals, which were shoved to the back of the closet all winter. It’s about that time when women are stocking up on their sun and after sun lotion favorites when they realize the only thing […]

New Palettes for Your Eyecolor

Summer is finally here and that means there are tons of new eyeshadow palettes on the market. Gather together your favorite palettes from last year and put them aside, because the newest eyeshadow palettes offer options for everyone! The best part is that they offer a range of colors for day and night, and are […]

The Hangover Makeover

The majority of women dread looking in the mirror the morning after a late night on the town. The swollen eyes, swollen eyelids and pasty complexion might have some women contemplating decisions made the night before. Often times, women will do everything within their power to hide the fact they are hungover; this usually involves […]