Indian Beauty Trends

Many of us have never really thought of, or heard of, many beauty trends when it comes to the country of India. Just because we haven’t heard of them, however, doesn’t mean they don’t exist! Today, Lionesse is taking some time out to showcase some of the most fascinating Indian beauty trends for the current season – as well as some traditional beauty trends used for hundreds of years – and we hope you will be as fascinated by them as we were.

Woman applying henna on her hands.

Henna Tattoos
Henna has long been a part of the Indian culture and tradition, and today it is still very much trendy in the beauty world. Henna tattoos have made their way to western culture, and in the United States they are highly sought after during the summer months. They are typically applied to the hands and feet using a special henna powder which is mixed into a dye of sorts, and is then painted on in various floral and patterned designs, leaving behind stained skin which holds the tattoo for a few weeks at a time.

Woman with a glittery French manicure.

Glitter Nails
Indian women simply adore their nails and changing their nail color every now and then is a must. One of the hottest nail trends doing the rounds in India is translucent glitter. If you’re looking to add some glam to your look, simply paint a base coat on your nails and apply some sparkly nail paint on top. Easy and chic!!! Another super popular trend to go for is the dual tone French manicure, a more interesting version of those dull and boring white edges. White with a line of mint green is super hot right now.

Woman with cat eyes.

Cat Eyes and Two Toned Eyeshadow
Single eyeshadows have become really boring. Add some glam to your eye area by using two complimentary colors. Indian women have really taken to the two-toned eyeshadow look to create extended cat eyes and they are rocking this look by pairing it with subtle dresses and hairstyles such as soft, long waved hair.

Woman applying a skin cream.

Skin Care
Indian women are becoming more and more in tune with skin care, and are recognizing now more than ever the need for quality dermatologists and skin care services. Many Indian women are now taking better care of their skin, and indulging in exclusive skin care products to maintain their skin and also treat skin care maladies such as pigmentation and dark circles. Skin brightening techniques are a favorite among Indian women.

Woman getting her eyebrows threaded.

Eyebrow Looks
Many Indian women are opting for taking better care of their brows, and keeping them as natural looking as possible while maintaining a gorgeous, clean style. Eyebrow threading is extremely popular among India, and it is something many women of this region are indulging in – and have been – for quite some time now. With beauty bloggers and vloggers across the internet offering inspiration and trends to the masses, it makes it easy for Indian women to incorporate modern styles into the traditional Indian style. Then again, for Indian women living in America, many of them follow the American eyebrow trends rather than stick to their culture’s looks.

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