DIY Daily Face Massage

Woman massaging her face

Women are taught from an early age to keep their fingers off their face – unless they are cleansing, moisturizing, or beautifying – as an effective measure when striving for a clear complexion. Now, this article is not meant to suggest that it is okay rub dirty fingers all over the face; this article is meant to inform women about the benefits of the Japanese beauty secret of facial massage.

The benefits of facial massage are endless. The practice has been used for eons to increase circulation of the delicate facial tissue and facial muscles, as well as release stress, which is a major cause of built up tension in the jaw. Beyond that, facial massage results in younger and brighter looking skin including reduced redness, puffiness and wrinkles. Additionally, daily facial massage stimulating muscles, which improves lymph flow, resulting in greater saturation of facial serums and creams.

Each of the results can be achieved be seeing a professional every day, but really who has the time and money for a daily spa visit? Sure, it’d be nice, but it just isn’t realistic. Luckily, these same benefits can be achieved right at home through DIY daily facial massage! Before getting started, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Of course, a DIY facial massage can be done using any oil, it is best to choose the type of oil which is beneficial to one’s own skin type. Almond and olive oil are both great options for those with normal to dry skin; Coconut and jojoba oil are ideal for those with acne prone or combination skin; Argan oil is ideal for those with an aging complexion.
  • It is very important that any facial oil be applied to a clean face with clean hands.
  • When possible, it is best for a facial massage to be done using warm hands, and applying gentle-to-medium pressure. Be sure to maintain continuous contact, trying to slide the fingers across the skin, but not dragging the fingers.

Many women choose to give themselves a facial massage once every night; although results are bound to appear regardless of the time the massage is done. Below are the steps to the DIY facial massage that every woman should incorporate into her daily beauty routine.

  1. Begin by placing all 10 fingertips above the eyebrows, then gently slide the fingers up to the hairline and into the scalp. While doing so, find the level of pressure that feels relaxing. Bring the fingers back down to the brows and repeat this same movement five times.
  2. Use the thumb and index finger to gently pinch the inner edge of the brows, holding the pressure of the pinch while moving the fingers to the outer edge of the brows. Again, repeat this five times.
  3. Now, place the index and middle fingertips on the temples. Gently move the fingers in a circular massage-like-motion before moving the fingers down under the eyes, to the bridge of the nose, and back up and over the eyebrow to the temple. Repeat this oval motion five times being sure to keep the fingers in contact with the skin the entire time.
  4. Continue by gliding the fingertips from the temples, down towards the neck. This move is particularly beneficial for those who wish to minimize under-eye puffiness, as the movement lures stagnant fluid and assists in lymphatic drainage.
  5. Using the index, middle, and ring fingers, gently move the fingers in circular motions creating a circle from the jaw to the area just under the ear. Since many women hold a substantial amount of stress in their jaw, fell free to repeat the motions until the jaw begins to loosen and relax.
  6. Finally, use your index and middle fingers to make a peace-sign. Place the peace signs around the outer corners of the lips and before gently sliding the peace-sign upwards to the ears. Repeat this movement five times.

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