Lighter Makeup For Spring

Beautiful woman enjoying the spring season

Spring Has Sprung
Well.. almost! Just think, by this time next month those warm winter jackets will be in the back of the closet, taking the pup on a walk will once again be an enjoyable task, and you will be contemplating what color polish to paint your toes, as strappy Egyptian style sandals will replace your cozy winter Uggs. Mother Nature has given spring a reputation of renewal; with the grass growing and flowers blooming, everything around just seems prettier.

It is a trend amongst women of all ages to not only shed layers of thick, warm clothing when the weather begins to warm up, but also to eliminate some of the suffocating makeup products that have been dulling the delicate facial skin. It seems that this is our way of paying ode to Mother Nature and spring weather.

Warm Days Turn into Chilly Nights
For better or worse (depending solely on your opinion) spring has a way of giving us some wild heat, followed by evenings that require your favorite quilt. The thing about this swift shifting weather is that it can cause dry flaky skin, sore acne, or sometimes a mix of the two. Often, this is very easily prevented with some simple measures. With the weather getting warmer, you have an excuse to splurge on that new Camelbak water bottle that you have had your eye on – the plan being that it will both encourage and remind you to keep drinking water. Beyond that, spring weather requires that you keep on top of your skin care routine. This means being sure that you wash your face and apply a lightweight moisturizer morning and night. Also, go ahead and give your face a good exfoliation every three to four days. Not only will this remove any loose dry skin, but it will gently buff our your tired winter complexion. Just following these few tips will ensure that you are able to wear light make up, giving you that luminous look to last the season.

Stylist applying lipstick

Soft Looking Skin for Spring
I can’t stress the importance that you provide your complexion the extra tender, love, and care that it needs after the long winter months. Doing so means that your light spring makeup will require minimal (if any) foundation. A top tip from makeup artists is to apply a tinted moisturizer with SPF. Doing so “kills three birds with one stone,” as the saying goes, this is because you are hydrating the top layers of your skin (remember, this is key), protecting your skin from any harmful UVA/UVB rays that you may encounter, and you are giving any imperfections some coverage.

Be sure to apply the tinted moisturizer around your whole face and neck. Once you have given the product a second to dry, go ahead and apply a neutral or pink toned eye shadow. The best way to do this to put a medium shade on your whole lid, a darker shade over the lash line, and the lightest shade in the inner corners of your eyes. Don’t worry about this looking perfect, you can always use the light shade to blend the two darker shades on your lid. From there, go ahead and line your lashes; to stay within the spring makeup theme, try out a coffee colored liner or even a more vibrant shade like green or blue!

If you must put on mascara, now is the time to do so, however, a good eyelash curler can do some pretty amazing magic too. Finally, grab your favorite lip balm, but before you toss it in your purse, swipe it across your lips. If you’re one for color, follow up with a shimmer or tinted lip gloss.

There you have it, a simple way to achieve a lighter makeup look for spring!

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