Stand Tall, Eat Well, Hydrate

Sure, you’ve probably heard it time and time again, to stand tall, eat well, and hydrate. The thing is, many adults today hear these essential health tips, and try to teach this lifestyle to their children, but don’t actually live by these three simple rules. Today is the day to start. The reality is that health and well-being are commonly overlooked today, leading to higher obesity rates and lower emotional well-being among all ages. By following these three simple rules, you truly will live a long, happy, healthy life.

Stylish woman

Stand Tall
Research shows that individuals who walk into a room with their head up tend to radiate more confidence than those who slouch. The reason this is so important is because lacking confidence and self-esteem have major effects on your moods and emotions. Studies show that individuals with low self-esteem experience self-criticism, are fearful of making mistakes, and develop poor communication skills. That said, those who have higher self-esteem levels value themselves and others, are assertive and accepting of change, and develop effective communication skills.

The best part is that you can actually trick the brain into being confident! When you walk into a room standing tall, your brain becomes aware that you’re ready whatever situation is ahead, and that there is nothing to be scared of. Another sure-fire way is to stand in the mirror and repeat daily affirmations. By repeating positive affirmations day after day, you are convincing the brain that this information is true.

Healthy food

Eat Well
Looking at the health of Americans as whole, 90% are potassium deficient, 80% are vitamin E deficient, 70% are calcium deficient, and 50% don’t get enough vitamin A, vitamin C, and magnesium.

It’s no secret that a healthy diet is good for you, but what exactly does this mean? A healthy diet is one that is full of necessary vitamins and minerals. It should include a mix of fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy, grains, and healthy fats. The reason being that maintaining a well-balanced diet helps the body get all the vitamins and minerals it needs. Listed below are just a few of the many important vitamins, the foods you can find them in and why they are beneficial for the body.

  • Vitamin A or Retinol – Found in dairy, carrots, green vegetables, egg yolks. Beneficial for eyesight, growth, appetite. Deficiency can lead to night blindness.
  • Vitamin E or Tocopherol – Found in egg yolks, nuts, green vegetables. Beneficial for destroying toxins in the body. Deficiency can lead to muscle weakness, fertility problems.
  • Folic Acid – Found in whole wheat, melons, avocado, carrots, green vegetables, eggs. Beneficial for red blood cell reproduction. Deficiency can lead to fatigue, anemia.
  • Magnesium – Found in whole grains, nuts, green vegetables. Beneficial for cell repair, bone and tooth strength, energy. Deficiency can lead to muscle spasms, diabetes, weak bones,  hypertension.

Woman drinking water

Dehydration is common today, so much so that 75% of Americans suffer from it! Many people know that they should be drinking water but don’t really know why, and when the benefits aren’t known, chances are you won’t stay on top of daily water intake. Just drinking 8 – 10 glasses of water every day can make a huge difference in your health!

Water is one of the best weight loss tools, as it tends to replace other high-calorie options. That same glass of water will give you lasting energy. In fact, if you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated, which can lead to fatigue, weakness, and dizziness. Water can clear up acne, flush out toxic fluids in the kidney and even aid in digestion.

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