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Airbrushed Makeup

Woman getting airbrushed makeup

For a while, airbrush makeup was only available to celebrities and models. However, more than ever before makeup artists and beauty experts are taking the necessary classes, allowing them to specialize in the highly sought after makeup technique. The airbrush makeup method is known to give the wearer a flawless looking complexion that is certain to last throughout the evening.

Although there are numerous makeup artists specializing in airbrush makeup, it seems that there are not too many women seeking its application; while women have heard about the technique, the majority does not know much about it, which is ultimately preventing them from scheduling an airbrush makeup appointment.

If you have come to the realization that you are like most women and do not know too much about airbrush makeup, that’s okay! We have dedicated this article to provide you with all the information you need to know about the makeup method; hopefully after reading, you will feel fully informed and will give airbrushed makeup a try for your next big event!

Airbrush Makeup Method
A lot of women are unsure about the tools used to apply airbrush makeup, and rightfully so! The “airbrush,” is not actually a brush at all, instead, it a stainless steel gun (which looks like a pen), that is attached to a miniature air compressor. There is a small opening at the tip of the gun, this is where the makeup is forced out of its container with the help of the air compressor. The makeup leaves the gun in a misting fashion as it is applied to the skin.

Airbrush Makeup Pre-Application
Many women know that they should always apply a quality primer after their moisturizer and before their foundation. The same is true for the application of airbrush makeup – the reason we bring this up is because many women buy at-home airbrush machines, and find themselves unhappy with the final application. A general rule of thumb for all makeup, not just airbrush makeup, is that you should always start with a moisturizer, then use a primer. For the best result, you should use a primer with the same main ingredient as the foundation you plan on using (if you are using a silicone based foundation, then use a silicone based primer).

Airbrush Makeup Coverage
The coverage of airbrush makeup is completely variable. Remember, it is applied as a mist out of the airbrush gun, thus providing very minimal coverage to start, however, as you pass over the skin the coverage will build to a fuller coverage. An interesting fact is that unlike traditional makeup application which calls for concealer to be applied after foundation, airbrush makeup application calls for concealer to be applied prior to foundation.

Airbrush Makeup Durability
Airbrush makeup has grown in popularity for two major reasons: (1) the flawless look it provides, (2) its ability to last all day and night. That being said, every makeup manufacturer has its own formula, which means that not all airbrush foundations will give the same result. Whether you are interested in applying your own airbrushed makeup or having a professional apply the airbrushed makeup for you, do some research and find out which brand is known to withstand the conditions you will spend time in (e.g. sweat, tears, rain and snow).

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