Pigtails, French Braids & Fishtails

‘Do’s for Days
Whether you woke up late and need a quick fix for your hair before you plug in at the office, need a polished look for the rehearsal dinner, or you are just tired of doing the same thing day in and day out with your hair, there are endless options! There’s a reason that little girls are taught how to do pigtails, french braids, and fishtails around the same time they learn to write their name and tie their shoes: because it is undoubtedly the easiest way for a girl to take control of her locks.

Having the knowledge of creating fabulous pigtails, french braids, and fishtails on your own allows you to manage your hair without causing any damage from heat tools. In addition, you don’t need to overdo it with the hair product, just a bit of hairspray, some elastics, and maybe bobby pins will do. Not to mention, unique pigtails, french braids, and fishtails can be created with any hair type (fine, full, curly), and in just about any hair length.

Pigtail hairstyle

As little girls, there was an unspoken rule of the more pigtails the better. At some point, this rule takes a turn and a single pigtail becomes the grown-up thing to do. Albeit simple and over worn, just about every woman can be found with a single elastic in her possession at all times. Now, keep in mind, not all single pigtails, are over worn. In fact, some aren’t sported nearly enough. Here are just a few ways to switch up your pigtail game:

  • Make a low pigtail and pull it through the back of your favorite baseball hat, creating a cute and comfy look.
  • Create a defined side part and pull your hair to the other side of your head, creating a polished look.
  • Pull back just a few inches of hair at the crown of your head, you can: (A) secure high and tight for a young, fun look, (B) secure low and loose for a simple ‘do.

French braid

French Braids
Remember the first time your french braid finally turned out perfect after hours and days of practice? Bring that excitement back to life and try out some of these new french braid looks.

  • Give yourself a sleek french braid side pigtail. It looks sub-par in the front, but one turn to the side and you’re bound to get compliments all day. To do this, create a deep side part, then make a french braid with a smaller section of your hair. Bring the braid all the way back and around to the other side of your head. Then pull the rest of your hair back into a sleek, low, side pony.
  • If you’re looking for something edgier or grunge chic, try out a Mohawk braid. Start at the very top, front of your head separate your hair into three sections. Make a tight french braid in the middle section. Then use the side sections of your hair to create two low braids. Finally, Pin the low braids up and around the original French braid you created!

Fishtail braid

Give a fishtail pigtail a try! To own the look, create a Frech-fishtail starting as high up as you can. But don’t take it too seriously, the key to this ‘do is to keep a few strands out, giving it a piecey and effortless look. Some also find it easier to make the fishtail nice and tight, securing it with elastic, and then going up and down the loosening the fishtail with their fingers a few inches at a time.

Try a front flowing fishtail. Grab a wide section from the front of your hair and loosely make a fishtail starting at on ear and going all the way over your head to the other ear. This will create a sort of built-in headband! Use a bobby pin to secure the loose end behind your ear. Finish up by loosening the fishtail with your fingers to create a soft look.

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