Free-Spirited Makeup and Hair

Free spirited makeup

Very much like the various styles of art hung on museum walls around the world, there are numerous hair and makeup styles fashioned by women day after day.

Although society has come a long way over the past years, it seems that there remains to be a stigma projected towards those who experiment with free-spirited makeup and hairstyles. If you are a regular reader of our blog, you know that we here at Lionesse believe that all women are beautiful and we encourage experimenting with new makeup and hair looks. We understand that it can be a challenge to find tutorials for new free-spirited makeup looks and hairstyles, so we have created this post with one of each of our favorite makeup looks and hairstyles that are bound to bring out the beautiful free spirit within.

Free-Spirited Makeup
Our favorite free-spirited makeup look requires you to call on your inner Disney princess, Pocahontas.

  1. Whether you choose to apply concealer and foundation to cover any imperfections that you are insecure about, or you are comfortable with your skin and don’t feel the need to use such products, you will begin the look by lining your top and bottom lash lines with black eyeliner.
  2. For this look, use an eyeliner-smudging tool to smudge the liner on the bottom lash, creating a smokey-ish look, but leave the top line alone.
  3. Then grab some white, gray, silver or gold face paint and a thin face painting brush. Starting in the center of your eyebrows, create a dime sized circle, then create three more circles, one above the next, gradually decreasing the size.
  4. Once finished, use the face paint and draw a thin line from the inner corner of one eye, up and over you nose, across to the other inner eye corner. Above this line, but still on your nose, paint another line that just crosses the bridge of your nose and doesn’t connect to anything.
  5. Finally, look straight into the mirror and notice where the center or your pupil is, directly bellow it, use the paint to create three small dots, one bellow the next, on your lower eyelid.

Free-Spirited Hairstyle
You may notice that often times free-spirited looks are similar to many bohemian looks. This hairstyle is perfect for those who are just venturing into the free-spirited style.

  1. When creating this look, it may be easier with hair that is not freshly washed, rather was washed a day or so ago. If you have already washed your hair, or just cannot do the don’t-wash-every-day that’s totally fine! Just grab some texturizing spray and/or root lifting powder to give your hair that extra bit of texture.
  2. Grab an elastic headband. The trick with this is to know how you usually like your hair styled: if you typically like a loose look, grab a headband that is 1’’-2’’ wide, if you tend to prefer a tighter, more formed look, grab a thinner headband. Whatever you choose, you will place it around the crown of your head.
  3. Grab a small section of hair just above your ear and tuck it under the headband. Continue grabbing sections on both sides of your head and tucking them one next to the other until you have reached the center of the back of your head.
  4. Finally, grab 3-4 small sections of hair from the hair that has not been tucked through the headband. Create a loose braid or fishtail with each, and secure them with small, clear elastics!

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