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Congeniality, Cosmetics and Wide-Barrel Curlers
The three (unofficial) C’s of pageantry, ladies. It is no secret that the toddlers (and their controversial parents), tweens, teens, and young women of pageants work hard 365 days of the year in hopes of bearing a bedazzled crown to represent their hometown, home state, and more.

While just a fraction of little ladies grew up experiencing a pageant lifestyle, the reminder of girls who didn’t get the chance to compete, were left dreaming about it. As time passes, the majority of pageant competing young women experience their once beloved hobby transform into a chore. These beautiful beauty queens grow up (typically keeping their pageantry word) as they become teachers, doctors, and lawyers. However, it is no secret that once a pageant girl always a pageant girl; simply stated, their once forced congeniality becomes second nature, their precise make-up skills form a (health) cosmetic obsession and wide-barrel curler collection are put to use on a daily basis.

Typically, it is previous pageant winner’s hairstyle that everyone is in awe of in the office. While you were busy admiring your colleagues hairdo, wondering if it was even possible for your hair to look that good, we were doing our due diligence, talking to hair stylists and pageant queens. Ultimately, we found out that yes, it is possible for your hair to be pageant worthy – and with minimal effort too!

Of course, there is no way that we could keep the pageant hairstyle secrets all to ourselves. Here is a list of four stunning pageant hairstyles that you are sure to love.

Center part hairstyle

Center Part
Who doesn’t love a classic center part? For decades, women have resorted to the center part for simplicity, as it seems to never go out of style. Wearing your hair with a center part alludes to others that you are able to maintain equality (making it the perfect style for you big presentation).

For some reason, this looks is most often worn by country singers today. Going with a partless ‘do is meant to be an optical illusion of sorts, making it appear as if there is wind blowing your hair! To make this look last the day, ask your stylist to recommend a high-quality, song hold hair spray.

Top knot

Top Knot
It is time that you do yourself a favor and finally grab a sock bun hair accessory next time you are at the drugstore, because it seems that this look will always be trending. Last year it was the ballerina bun, and this year it’s the top knot, nevertheless, the same styling techniques are used. You can achieve the pageant worthy look by slicking every last piece of your hair into a high ponytail, and using the bun shaper to create the perfect out-of-your-face hairstyle

Half and Half
Like it or not this look is perfect for every hair type at any age. The half and half look  (half up and half down) is the perfect polished look for days when you’re running behind. Even more, this look can be styled with tight curls, super straight stands, and everything in between.

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