The Big Chop for Charity

Woman getting a hair cut

For those of you who have decided to make the big change and take the big chop, you may be wondering if it is possible for you to donate your hair. Donating your hair gives someone else the chance to live confidently – so why not give your hair a second coming to make someone else as happy as it once made you? One of the first places that comes to mind for many folks is the company Locks of Love. But this is not the only company that hair donors can give too.

When you have decided you want to donate your hair, you may be thinking to yourself “is Locks of Love the only place I can donate my hair?” “Is my hair even long enough to donate?” “If my hair is long enough, will they even use it?” “Am I making a donation to an organization that gives to all ages? All illnesses?”

Do not fret any longer – We’ve got you covered! Listed bellow are five different organizations that are all great options with different requirements.

  • Locks of Love: accepts hair that has been colored and permed, as well as graying hair. They do not accept bleached hair. They ask that hair be put into a ponytail or braid, prior to cutting, ensuring that hair has not been swept off the floor. The minimum donation length for Locks of Love is 10 inches from root to tip. Curly hair is acceptable, if when it is stretched out it is 10 inches in length. Locks of Love also accepts layered hair, as long as the shortest layer measures 10 inches. Locks of Love provides their hair pieces to finically disadvantaged children, under the age of 21, who are suffering from long-term medical hair loss.
  • Wigs for Kids: accepts hair that has been treated with wash out or temporary highlights, but does not accept any other form of color-treated or bleached hair. They also do not accept gray hair. Wings for kids has a minimum donation length of 12 inches. Wings of kids specialize in hair pieces that don’t fall off, sports-loving, active children
  • Wigs 4 Kids: not to be confused with Wings for Kids, above. Wigs 4 Kids does not accept any chemical treated or died hair what-so-ever. They do accept hair that is less than 5% gray hair. The minimum donation length for Wigs 4 Kids is 10 inches. Wigs 4 Kids aims to help rebuild confidence in children under the age of 18 who have serious illnesses including cancer, alopecia and trichotillomania, as well as burn victims. They also have a free hair replacement program and provide services for clients throughout the state of Michigan.
  • Children with Hair Loss: prefers non-chemically treated hair, but does accept all hair even it has been chemically treated. They also accept 100% gray hair. Children with Hair Loss has a donation minimum of 8 inches. Children with Hair Loss serves all children and families who have any medically caused hair loss, and always provide their wigs at no cost to children under 21.
  • Matter of Trust: Clean Wave: has a bit of a different mission. Matter of Trust: Clean wave accepts all chemically treated hair, graying hair, and even pet hair! This company creates non-toxic, eco-friendly hair mats to help clean up oil spills.

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