Contouring Your Half Halo


If you’ve yet to give the half halo highlight a try, you are indisputably missing out! The half halo is the hottest trend in the beauty world and a must try the highlighting technique of the summer.  Before you feel like you’re way behind on the summer trends, know that other terms such as “strobing,” “hi-contouring,” and “non-touring” have all been associated with the same trend. With so many buzz words, the trend gets a reputation of being too-hard-to-try, but achieving the look is actually quite easy.

All it takes is one glance at the tabloid covers in the supermarket checkout line to see that the leading ladies of today are infatuated with the multi-dimensional look that the technique gives our faces. Before you over apply your favorite highlighter, here are some pro tips, which basically give you everything you need to know about the half halo trend.

Pro Tip #1: Look Natural 
Don’t get us wrong, we have totally over-used highlighter ourselves in the past; it’s just so easy to get carried away. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to look like fallen star every once in a while? The thing to keep in mind when contouring your half halo is that you want the end result to look as natural as possible.

Pro Tip #2: Strobing 
As we mentioned, another name for the makeup trend is “strobing.” Not only does strobing remind us of an 80’s disco move, but it sounds over complicated and intimidating. Thankfully, the term “half halo” has gained popularity. When applying highlighter to your face, reminding yourself of the ladder term will help in making sure that you only apply as much as needed.

Pro Tip #3: The C-Shaped Area 
Are you wondering what exactly your half halo is? It’s the crescent-moon shaped space that begins at the lower area of your brow bone and ends right about where your cheekbones begin. This C-shaped area is exactly where you should be applying the highlighter.

Pro Tip #4: Non-Brightening Primer 
Once you’ve applied your moisturizer, and let it soak in, make sure you use a primer that’s non-brightening and the go ahead and apply your concealer, foundation, and powder as you normally would. Once you’re finished with your makeup, then you’re ready to contour your half halo! Simply apply the highlighter to your half halo as it’s described in the above pro tip (the C-shaped area between your brow bone and your cheekbone).

Pro Tip #5: Choose the Right Highlighter 
As with any cosmetic (as well as with any look), it’s especially important to know how to apply the specific product you’re using. As far as highlighters, they typically come in two different mediums: either a glowing crème or a glistening powder. There are specific highlighting brushes that you can purchase at your local cosmetic counter which will ensure seamless application of the product. If you have a highlighting crème you can either use your middle and right finger to lightly pat and blend the product onto your half halo, or you can use a highlighting brush by blending the product in a circular motion. If you have a powdered highlighter, you will need to use a brush to lightly dust the product into your half halo.

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