Flashy Lip Art

“That’s one of the tings I love about makeup.
You can change your whole attitude
by just doing eyeliner or lipstick differently?”
- Source : Beyonce -

Lip art

It seems that women young and old have always an eternal appreciation for the pure bliss that makeup gives us. Whether you need to hide an unwanted pimple or want to enhance your lashes, the contents of your cosmetic bag are always there to help you out. Sometimes you turn to your powders and potions for no other reason than they give you the confidence to face the day. A great thing about makeup is that it allows and even encourages every woman to embrace her creative differences! While some women spend hours perfecting their look day after day, other women use makeup as a means of art and experimentation!

Cosmetic stores have been popping up all over the country during the last one-to-two decades because a few isles in your local drug store and the corner kiosk in your favorite department store just don’t cut it anymore – there are so many types of makeup on the market today that it only makes sense to have a dedicated and specialized store. Now, think of the last time you and your bestie walked into a cosmetics store, did you guys stay by one another’s side the whole time? Or did you split up, grab your favorites, and meet up back at the cash wrap? Chances are you identified most with the ladder, which is totally normal! With such a large variety of products on the market today, it only makes sense for everyone to have their own favorite items.

If your favorite cosmetic is lipstick, you may already be familiar with Eva Senín Pernas. For those of you who have yet to hear her name, Pernas is a Spanish makeup artist and fashion/beauty photographer who takes the art makeup and the medium of lipstick to the next level. Pernas uniquely uses her lip brush as a paint brush and creates some of the most flashy lip art to date. Below are a few Eva-Senín-Pernas inspired lip looks, as well as other lip art looks that are gaining popularity.

Patriotic lip art

Patriotic Pout
Independence day may have passed, but it goes without saying that patriotism is always in style! For this look, you will need three lip colors: red, white and blue. You can start by swiping the blue on your top lip, if you want to go all out, you could add small star shaped sequins to your lips, affixing them with the tiniest dab of eyelash or other cosmetic glue. Then, color your entire bottom lip white, if you need to go over it a few times that’s fine, that way your pink lip isn’t peering through. Then use a lip brush to apply four-to-six bold red stripes.

Watermelon Whiner
Nothing says summer like watermelon, right? Give yourself a sexy, seasonal pout in just a few, fast steps. Start by lining the upper lip with a green shade, then continue with the liner so that it colors the top half of your upper lip. Then, use red to color the bottom half of your upper lip and your entire bottom lip. Finally, use a black lip liner (or a delicate brush and black lipstick) to draw a few tear-drop-shaped seeds across your bottom lip.

Sweet Superhero Scowl
Everyone has their favorite superhero, if you’re a Batman fan like Pernas is, you’ll have to give this look a try. Start by coloring the top and bottom lips bright yellow. Use a steady hand to line the outer corners with black lip liner, leaving the middle section unlined (imagine the lips are split into three even sections, you will line sections 1 and 3 but leave section 2 unlined. Admittedly, it’s would be beyond unclear if we were to tell you how to draw the batman logo in the center of your lips, but if you have a picture in front of you, it is super simple! Pull the picture up on your cell and have patience.

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