How to Apply Highlighter

Highlighter makeup

Move over, contouring — you were certainly adequate, and please know that it’s not you — it’s us — and yes, we admit it — we have found something else-something better and brighter, and something we just like more. It meets our needs better and makes us look so good. It was certainly good while it lasted, but alas, the time has come for you to be on your way — out of the makeup drawers and cosmetics bags of women everywhere. We’re making room for the next big thing, and you, contouring — well there’s just no place in the mix for you now. So to you, contouring — good luck, fare the well, adieu and adios!

The Beautifying Power of True Light
Everyone has a way of looking better in certain lighting–take candlelight, for example. The newly trending makeup application form of highlighting magically illuminates your face with hugely impressive results. Now, don’t be misled into simply believing that it’s all from strategically placed light areas around the face, as you would be wrong. Highlighting is about cosmetically “lit” areas of the face that are accompanied by the characteristic glow of authentic highlighting. There’s nothing matte here, it’s all about the way true light, when it hits a subject, how it conveys a distinctive sparkle or sheen–not a glossy finish–just a glow. It’s like it all comes from within–the glow of health, beauty and radiance that is head-turning, alluring and can be yours, with a little instruction.

What to Have on Hand
Of course, you’ll need your regular foundation and other makeup you wear every day, but to this add a concealer that is a full shade lighter than what you normally buy (to normally match your skin tone.) Resist being tempted here to go any lighter, if you want to keep it looking natural and not like stage makeup. One shade lighter–and that’s it. Have a good blending sponge, and an eye makeup brush for blending. Get a good liquid highlighter, and to that add another cream or powder highlighter. And finally, some nice gold-toned lipstick.

The Process:
Apply foundation as you normally do, then make small dots with the one shade lighter concealer at the areas you desire to highlight–like at the tops of your cheekbones, across the center of your forehead, straight down the center of your nose, around your nose, under your eyes and just above your chin, form an arch. By dotting the application, it can be more smoothly blended, for a more natural appearance.

  • Using a damp makeup sponge, blend the dots gently, and on either side of the nose, blend outward from the nose.
  • With a dry eyeshadow brush, apply liquid highlighter vertically down the length of your nose, and on your cheekbones. add touches just above each eye, right over the inside corners and on your browbone. Even add a splash in the indentation at the center and above your top lip. Also, add at your chin and forehead, just to the center of each. Make it blend, even if you have to work it in better by using your fingers.
  • The cream or powder highlighter comes to play now, added just over the cheekbones.
  • Finish off with a lovely shade of pink lipstick that has some gold tones in it, or follow the all-pink shade with a second layer of thinly applied gold lipstick.
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