How to Cook and Bake Your Makeup

Woman applying makeup.

There is a new answer to the age-old inquiry of “What’s cooking?” And this is all due to the latest trick to come to cosmetics–but be careful just who you tell, and watch the words you use to explain what it is you are doing, just to avoid the real possibility of the people who care about you checking into arranging some kind of mandated vacation plan for just you, that some folks refer to as “involuntary commitment.” And add to this the fact that your oven won’t even be turned on. Cooking? ok…Just sayin’…But hold on–keep reading. If your impression is becoming suspicious of this process’ validity, here’s all you need to know: Kim Kardashian does it, ok? Now you can keep reading.

Cooking With Natural Energy
This form of cooking does not involve any appliances, and doesn’t bear any ENERGY STAR certification…in fact, you can even do it when there’s a power outage in your area. This new process follows in the lineup that began with contouring–next followed by strobing and highlighting. You really will be cooking, but with the heat for this cook time being provided by your body’s normal temperature, there’ll be no danger of burning anything (insert canned audience laughter here.)

Tons of Tutorials
Sound interesting? Wanna learn more about it? You could…go ask a drag queen, or…bring up Youtube, or…read what follows below. If you are at all uncomfortable at the thought of walking rather aimlessly around while asking strangers (or even people you know) whom you might encounter if they can point you in the direction of a drag queen, or your work cubicle is not exactly (and will never be) soundproofed, then this little blurb will be sufficient to get you started.

The Basic How-To

  • Apply your primer, then foundation and do the contouring you would normally do, just like always.
  • Using a high quality sponge or beauty blender, apply concealer (that is a shade lighter than the foundation you regularly use) to rather heavily highlight the area beneath each eye, from just beside your nose, and decreasing the volume as you move toward your hairline; then down just to the beginning of the hollow of your cheeks. You can use a powder form of highlighter, but the cream type is the best type to use.
  • Now–hands off! Leave your face alone, and do not blend or touch the makeup that you applied for a period of at least ten minutes–with twenty minutes being ideal. Call a friend, have a glass of water, or take care of another aspect of your preparation regimen.
  • Your baking will be complete, and you won’t need oven mitts here. You will need a beauty blending sponge, which you’ll now use to do your careful blending.
  • Finish off with an application of loose powder–translucent is best for this. Alternately, you can use a setting spray.
  • Smile–and take a selfie of your new, radiant glow.
  • Make this “baked” selfie your Facebook profile pic.

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