Beauty Lessons of Marilyn Monroe

Starlets come and go. Most stars fade and are forgotten over time, but there is one that, even today, continues to inspire women all over the world: Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe was one of the biggest celebrities of the 1950’s, from her early days as a pinup star to her career as an actress and movie star. Her image in engrained into popular culture more than that of most any other female in modern times. Though she wasn’t the first woman to be labeled as a blonde bombshell, she definitely took the meaning of the term to new levels. Her look was so recognizable that any woman with short blonde hair who came after her would undoubtedly have to face comparisons to Marilyn. She embodied beauty by embracing her curvy body and breaking out of the pinup mold she was told she would be stuck in. From her hair to her makeup let’s take a look at 5 beauty lessons from Marilyn Monroe.

Woman with Marilyn Monroe like hair

The Blonde Waves
While it might look like Marilyn’s hairstyle took a team of professionals to get it just right, here are a few simple ways for you to emulate those beautiful blonde waves without traveling back in time to hire a 1950’s hair stylist. First, you’ll need a few items to help get the look right. You should have most of these at home, but if not, go pick up a comb, a brush, some mousse, hairspray, and heated curlers. Towel-dry your hair after a shower and then work in some styling mousse through your hair. Take your comb and part your hair to one side before adding in your large heated curlers. Next, blow-dry your hair. One it is dry, remove the curlers, style with some gel if you wish, and when you get it just perfect use some hairspray to keep it all in place.

Woman looking like Marilyn Monroe.

Glowing Skin
Marilyn’s perfect skin may have been a bit more of an illusion than a reality, as she used hormone cream to help achieve her glowing skin. This had a nasty side effect however: peach fuzz. She refused to have the peach fuzz removed as she thought it made her skin shimmer even more in photos. We don’t recommend going to those extremes however. Try using a simple foundation cream with a shimmering pearlescent primer instead.

Cat eyes and red lips

Once you get the glowing skin perfected, it’s time to work on your eyes and lips. Even though Marilyn’s hair was platinum blonde, she continued sporting her natural dark eyebrows, an important touch to her look. Try darkening them with a pencil for a full look. For your eyes go with a winged eyeliner or cat eyes look. Finally, don’t forget about that amazing beauty mark. If you don’t have a natural one, just draw one on as many other famous models have done!

We would love to hear from you! Tell about your favorite Marilyn Monroe inspired beauty lesson and how you use it today!

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