Our Favorite Lip Colors for Fall

If you’re old enough to have worn lipstick in the 90’s, chances are that this fall season will remind you of that wonderful decade’s shades of purples, reds, and pinks. If you haven’t noticed, the 90’s have been everywhere, from revival TV shows like Girl Meets World, and a Full House show, to 90’s reunion concerts. It only makes sense that 90’s fashion is also making a comeback, even though it seems like it was just yesterday.

Woman with blood red lip color

While the fall season usually calls for burgundy and deep dark reds, this fall you won’t be out of place if you decide to show off some of those brighter shades you would normally save for the warmer months (or that 90’s themed Halloween outfit you were planning on wearing).

First up is fuchsia. That color just screams 1994 doesn’t it? Well this deep pink color is back, and it’s ready for some action. Wearable from morning to night, fuchsia is a chameleon that can looks just as good with your workout clothes as it does with your fancy dinner party attire. Add a contrasting eye shadow for a really standout look.

For a more refined look, try fuchsia’s cousin mauve. A little more buttoned up and elegant, mauve lipstick gives you an appearance of someone who lived through the 90’s and came out the other side with a more mature style sense.

Who are we kidding? You’re not looking for a buttoned-up Aunt Mauve look, right? Why not go for blood red lip gloss like Vamplify from Mac? Red is sexy, and confident, and this shiny look is sure to be an attention maker. So turn off that Sex in the City rerun, put on your Vamplify and go hit the town!

Woman with orange lips.

If blood red is a little too ghoulish for you, tone it down a notch while still keeping the fall Halloween theme alive with a blood orange lip gloss like Armani’s Ecstasy Lacquer in Tangerine.

Who could forget the brown lip trend of the 90’s? While this look doesn’t work for everyone, if you can pull it off it can look stunning. Try Tom Ford’s Warm Sable lipstick. Using ingredients like soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomile flower oil, this lipstick has a creamy look that goes on smooth.

Brick red, another 90’s favorite has been spotted on the runways recently, and is a simple, dull-in-a-good-way color. Wear it with minimal eye makeup as a standalone color to really look great.

Other 90’s colors that are sure to get you feeling nostalgic while also looking trendy are: cherry-blossom pink, burnt sienna, cocoa, plum, and beige. So put those TLC and DMB CDs on full blast and get ready to look great this fall!

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