Nail the Smokey Eye!

Smokey eyes

The smoky eye is a sultry and sophisticated look that’s perfect for a date night, a formal event, or even a dramatic look for every day wear. The smoky eye seems easy enough to pull off, but it’s easy to turn this sexy look into a smudgy mess. You won’t look like a seductress — you’ll look like you have raccoon eyes. Here are a few tips for how to get the perfect smokey eye so you can nail the look every time:

Prime the Eyelid
The best way to start is to put a little concealer on your eyelid. Not only will you create a creamy surface for smoother blending, but you’ll also create a light base to make the colors pop. You can also use a primer if you prefer, but the concealer will offer more benefits. Finish by putting a pressed powder over the entire lid to provide a base coat. Tip: go light with the eye moisturizer, this will cause creasing and make the liner and shadow damp and less smudge-proof.

Line Your Eyes
Use a black eyeliner to outline your entire eye, starting from the inner corner and tracing the upper and lower lids. You can smudge the line to get a more smokey look, or you can leave the line crisp and intact. If you choose to smudge, you can use a makeup smudge brush, a cotton swap, or even your finger. This season, runways are sporting several new types of liner looks. Cat-eye liner, blocked liner, over and under and more. Don’t be a afraid to color outside the eyes! Follow up with mascara or go for falsies if you are feeling a little daring! This extra lash volume makes eyes look bigger and more noticeable.

Woman with smokey eyes.

Apply the Shadow
Apply a light shadow to your brow bone to highlight your arch. Then apply a medium shade to the lower half of your lid, just over your crease. Blend the shadow upward and out to the corner of the eye. Finish by applying the darkest shade on the lid only, with a slight upward sweep at the outer corner.

Apply a fine line of the darkest shadow along the lower lash line. Blend all three shades with a larger, fluffy brush. Hot shadow hues for fall include purples, oranges and greens – gorgeous with any color eye!

Do yourself a favor and wait until you’re done applying the shadow to put foundation and concealer on your face. If any shadow falls on your skin, you won’t be able to clean it off without also taking off the foundation or concealer. Wait until you’re done so that you can clean away any debris first.

Now you’re done with your smokey eye! Go forth and show off your sexy side!

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