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Recently, a new trend has been proliferating the runways, with hair colors returning to more natural looking colors that sport less contrasting tones. If your first thought is to imagine a new, more conservative move in the world of fashion, think again. The plainer hair colors are simply a move to allow more attention to that slim strip of hair directly above the eyes, better known as the “eyebrows.” Yep, that’s the new color target of the boldly creative among us, and it’s taking off like rockets, too.

Differences in Coloring Methods and Color Choices
Everywhere, makeup artists and beauticians are experimenting with a variety of effects that often require first bleaching out the natural color of the brow, in order so that it will then accept new color. There are less adventurous brow-coloring efforts spotted that only involve the addition of brightly colored makeup that covers the hair of the eyebrow, rather than changing it. The advantage of achieving the colorful effects with makeup is that at the end of the day/night, you can simply wash it off. These colorations are seen in a variety of styles, from super bold full-on primary colors to the relatively more sublime application of soft pastels.

What You’re Currently Seeing
Who knows where the whole trend actually began, but Miley Cyrus would probably love to take credit for it. The world beheld her self-colored rocking rainbow armpit hair with continuing wonder of the ongoing  “MC-What’s next,” with which she is always trying to associate herself. And not every pair of eyebrows you see is a solo act, either, as you’ll find a good many eyebrow-head hair coordinated effort that can range from a more monochromatic look, to all out zing, all over, that is surely a head-turning effect, to say the least. And it looks like a given component of the colored eyebrow style is to apply a myriad of small dots to specific areas of the eye, in creative groupings and patterns, with liquid eyeliner, and using its detailed brush. The eyeliner colors can be anything from black/brown to all of the full spectrum that’s available on the market.

It’s Now All About the Brow
Colored brows certainly made it to NYC’s Fashion Week, taking on life in a variety of effects, with colors that were mostly bold, statement hues of blue, pink, lavender and metallic. The current status of rainbow hair may be shifting, but rainbow brows are super easy to pull off, at least when done as a temporary application. And, like numerous other trends, the first “take” on some meets with less than stellar reception, as it just takes some time acclimating to some of the more drastic changes to the time-honored standards, but eventually, with enough exposure, coloring effects of rainbows and more are the latest big thing, and widely so. –Oh, and today’s eyelashes are not exempt from the magical transformation that colorizing offers, either.

Getting the Look
Because this trend has to do with the area around and even next to the eyes, the keyword here is safety. If you are not absolutely adept at applying eyeliner, shadow and such to your eye area, it really is best to have the permanent coloring effect performed professionally, by an experienced professional, as well. For dyed-in-the-wool DIYers, however, Jolen sells a creme bleach kit that doesn’t run or drip. Still, be ultra careful when doing this at home.

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