New Makeup Trend: Kitten Eye

Kitten eye makeup

If you are looking at changing up your makeup effects for a fresh new start in 2016, there are plenty of ways in which you can go about it. When it comes to eye effects, you might want to check out the new look of cat eyes. Everyone knows the sultry, enigmatic look that cats’ eyes are known for, however there much to be said about baby cats, before they become full-grown felines–little kittens is the name of the game here, and kitten eye is the technique that is rocking cosmetic effects of eyes on the new year’s horizon. This look delivers the ideal touches of feline femininity that are gorgeous on every eye.

Ideal for Every Eye Shape
There are a few ways in which eyes can be shaped–as well as their actual placement on the face that influence the best makeup techniques for eyes. Some eyes need balancing effects of liner and shadow to give a visual enhancement for fresh appeal. Eyes that are wide set look better with certain modifications, and eyes that are too narrow require altogether different techniques involving specific placement of shadows, highlights and liner. One of the best aspects of the kitten eye is that it’s flattering for every eye shape and placement. Creating your own kitten eye will be based on your specific eye shape, and will be a lot easier than you might imagine. With a little practice, you’ll have the kitten eye down.

The Kitten Eye Makeup Technique Explained
The cat eye effect has been around a while, and the kitten eye is still relatively new. Many women, upon hearing the term “kitten eye,” have questions about the difference between a cat eye and the kitten eye. The distinction is not all that extensive, but with the kitten eye makeup technique, the look is softer and less intense than with cat eye, making it even suitable for all forms of day wear, as well as evening makeup effects. The Kitten eye “wing” is shorter, which makes it easier to match both sides than with the cat eye.

How To
Begin your kitten eye look with a high-quality liquid liner in black. First, create a very fine line with a superior pointed tip brush. A good liner product is YSL Liquid Liner. For daytime looks, downplay your eyeshadow with more neutral shades on the lids and only go a couple shades darker with browns or taupes on the crease. Take care not to move too quickly in application, and take short strokes. Going bigger is easy, but reducing a line can be a nightmare. The higher quality brushes and liners make it difficult to over apply, which is a good thing. Taking your brush, draw a very fine line at the lash line, starting at the midway point of the lid and carry it out, making sure to continue the angle of that line, which will set the angle of your line. To set the angle of your point (flick,) follow the direction of the lower lash line. The further you extend the point outward, the more close-set your eyes will appear, Find the best balance for you and your facial shape. The kitten eye will feature a small flick, and the cat eye will reveal a more dramatic one. Next, apply liner from the midpoint (where your pupil rests when you are looking straight ahead,) and outward to meet the tip without increasing the tip’s size. Finish off by adding-in at any area needing a little thicker effect while maintaining a smooth edge, from point to mid lash line.

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