Using Eyebrow Tint Gel

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“As long as my eyebrows look good
and my bank account is growing,
I could really care less.”
Source: Boss Babe (TM)

Eyebrows are important… like really important! Everyone who’s made the mistake of over plucking realized this the moment they pulled back from the mirror. Simply put, properly maintained eyebrows not only make a woman appear well-groomed and put together, but they also frame the eyes and highlight your bone structure. Even on a no-makeup day, a properly plucked and shaped eyebrow can make you look put-together. Lately, people have been talking about eyebrows and eyebrow shape more than ever, which happens to coincide with the mass amounts of eyebrow shaping and coloring products on the market today. One of the products that have been talked about all over the interwebs lately is eyebrow tinting gel.

If you haven’t yet heard of it, eyebrow tint gel, it’s in innovative beauty product of Korea which has gained popularity here in the states. The premise of eyebrow tint gel is that you apply the creamy, dark colored gel to your eyebrows for a set amount  of time, once that time is up, you peel the dried gel off. What will remain on the skin is a temporary tattoo stain, which looks very-much-so like you’ve just used an eyebrow pencil. The major difference being that while your wash off your on-fleek penciled on eyebrows at the end of the night, only to re-do them again in the morning, the eyebrow tint gel leaves its tattoo for a few days. It’s basically the ultimate lazy-girls eyebrow hack.

What’s great about eyebrow tint gel that it is great not only for younger women who still have the luxury of lavish, full brows that are just looking fill in and even out the color, but it is also great for older women whose brows have seen better days. If you’re one of the many women who have over plucked and over waxed too many times, you’re probably using an eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder to compensate for your brow loss every morning, you will also find eyebrow tint gel beneficial. Seeing that many people get tired of outlining, shading, and coloring their brows day after day and turn to the painful procedure of tattooed eyebrows, this eyebrow tint gel might provide a less painful option with similar (albeit less permanent) results.

So, is this new beauty product worth all the hype? Well, it depends on the time investment you’re willing to make. According to beauty bloggers, some eyebrow tint gels instruct that the goopy concoction is left on for at least two hours, but it may produce the best results after being left on while you get a full night of beauty sleep. While few bloggers have told about their experience of leaving the tinted gel on all night (Does it wipe off? Does it stain your sheets?), there are many beauty gurus out there who are thrilled with the results they’ve gotten. That said, it appears what whether the gel is left on for two hours or overnight, the same result of ready to go brows lasts for two-to-three days. If you are okay with goopy eyebrows every night, then eyebrow tint gel might be totally worth it for you. However, if you can find the time, or are worried about the gel staining you sheets, then maybe it’s not totally worth it for you.

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