All Day Eyelash Curls

Woman using an eyelash curler

I never underestimate the power of hot rollers for
your hair and eyelash curlers for your eyelashes.
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Truth be told, curled eyelashes are anything but a new concept, but let’s be real here, few people actually curl their lashes. Sure, there are a fair amount of women who have no need to curl their lashes, as their genetics dealt them a fine set of baby doll lashes (yeah, we’re a bit – dare I say – envious of those women too). The remainder of women, a.k.a. those of us with the darting straight lashes, can be divided into a few clusters: those who curl their lashes every day, those who could care less, and the middle ground majority: those who have tried curling their lashes relentlessly, only to watch them straighten back out by the second.

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely that you too have straight stubborn lashes. Thankfully, we have consulted with our beauty experts about the problem and they’ve provided us with a few tips for us to pass on to you. So long as you’re ready, check out these two pro tips on achieving all day eyelash curls.

It’s Time to Heat Things Up…
Of course by “things” we are talking about your eyelash curler. The idea behind this trick is nothing new to the beauty scene; For the same reason straight-haired gals need a heated curling iron to effectively curl their hair, straight-lashed girls will benefit from a heated eyelash curler to actually curl their lashes. You’re might be having an Ah why didn’t I think of that moment, which is completely fine because we felt the same way. Now, there are various heated eyelash curlers on the market. These typically run on batteries and have more of a wand-like shape to them. However, if you already have an eyelash curler and a hairdryer, there is no need for you to get anything else. Simply heat it up under the heat of the dryer for a few moments, give the temperature of the curling tool a quick heat check on the inside of your wrist to make sure it isn’t too hot, then curl those bad boys!

Prime and Prepare…
One of the most important rules of applying makeup is to use a primer, for if you don’t use a primer before layering on your foundation, concealer, bronzer, and finishing powder, nothing will say where it’s supposed to for as long as it’s supposed to. Well, this same principle can be applied to eyelashes and mascara as well. Check it out: immediately after curling your dry, bare lashes, apply waterproof mascara so that it coats each entire lash – this is much easier to accomplish by applying many thin layers, rather than applying one thick layer. Let the waterproof mascara dry completely and then apply your regular standby mascara. The reason this works is because the waterproof formulas are drier than typical formulas which means that (1) it will stay put (and hold the outer layers in place) through the elements, whether rain, sweat or tears. Non-waterproof mascara tends to “melt off” and weigh the lashes down in the process of doing so. (2) It will hold a curl for substantially longer. Unlike non-waterproof mascara which permits the lashes to stretch back to their natural shape, waterproof mascara provides a stronger hold, thus preventing them from straightening out.

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