Makeup Blues, Which Blues Are In, Which Are Out for 2016

Makeup palette

Well, it looks like blue makeup has finally made its way back, traveling the expansive distance from the 70s and 80s Caboodles belonging to every young wannabe makeup maven. And it’s back with a bang, too, with so many exceptional colors and hues to choose from! The full spectrum of blues set to do 2016 in unsurpassed style range from sweet, pastels to dark, steampunk navy. There’s a lot of turquoise coming in strong, too, which is the most versatile blue shade there is. If you have never gone blue, or if you want to make sure you don’t look like you just emerged from a time capsule, there are some colors and methods for ensuring that you won’t. Do blue with these tips and come off as the thoroughly modern and sophisticated member of your crowd. It’s time to step back from black, and toward navy, and all the other colors that rock the vast blue range.

Mascaras Go Blue in 2016
When blue is placed next to a brown eye, it picks up little specks of gold, which means luxe natural sparkle for you who have blue eyes. When it comes to compatibility, there is no other primary color like blue that can integrate and complement every other color. If you don’t know where to begin, why not start out subtly, with one of the more subtle and deep navy mascaras out there? If you feel a little more playful, and want a little more drama, there are some dazzling choices you can choose, like electric blue mascara–which rocks the night and is full of vibrancy and brilliance. The brighter shades work best for evening wear, and the darker, more conservative blues for daytime. Wearing dark blue mascara does the same thing as an added eye brightener would, in creating the illusion of your eye being whiter. The more blue you hope to be, the more individual coats you’ll want to apply, making sure each is dry before adding another. When you do blue mascara, aim for a more neutral lid shade for your lids, like soft beige or light pink. Don’t go overboard with blue liner: it’s best to stick to black, brown or even a charcoal gray.

Your Blue-Lined Eyes
There are all kinds of choices when it comes to blue liners in 2016, with creams, pencils, powders, liquids, gels and paints. Before lining your eyes, make sure your brows are nicely shaped and a bit darker. Make sure you have a precision brush to get the ideal results and avoid a redo. Beginning at the inner corner of the eye, draw a light stroke right at the lashline and out. Wings or cat eyes are fun with blue, too! Make sure your line is the approximate thickness you desire, and then come back with a very thin line of black, almost like you are outlining the blue. This softens the blue and gives improved results with nice, graphic eye. The darker shades will be trending through the winter, with the brighter shades of turquoise and pastels set to hit the eyes of spring 2016. With blue liners, go neutral for shadow, with a champagne shimmer or a light beige on your lids. You might also go black along your waterline.

Shades of Blue Shadows
Blue shadow goes best with today’s neutrals in lip color. Keep the attention at your eyes, and don’t confuse your look by applying warring bright or bold lipstick, too. This is particularly true if you go all out and fully contour your eyes with blues. With the current blues, you can go full tilt metallic, or softly demure. Keep your blue below the crease, and go neutral and lighter above, with a light pink or pale beige. Above the lid is the most out way you could go, with blue.

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