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Every day, you probably have your go-to makeup routine that works for you. You may have come to this process through trial and error, or you may have been instructed in how to apply your daily makeup. One thing is certain, and it has to do with differentiating between your daily go-to look, and another makeup application that you can revert to when the occasion calls for more than a basic sort of application.

Showing up, as an Afterthought
Everyone at the party has surely dedicated their best efforts toward showing up with some semblance of signature style to blow the crowd away–well, maybe not everyone, but certainly the key personas you’ll want to see and be seen by. Your whole thing is to show up, appearing to have decided to just drop by as an afterthought, while passing by. Still, this in no way excuses you from digging in with that “How did she do it?” ambiance you’ll arrive with. Casual, yet totally sophisticated–this is your look, and you can have it, with just a bit of savoir-faire.

What Not to Do
This whole realm could either be overworked, just as easily as it could be dismissed. The main considerations for party makeup success have to do with managing a somewhat intuitive balance between “doing,” and “overdoing.” All in all, the very foremost gem of makeup know-how is derived from the acknowledgment of one (not two–just one, OK?) facial area to feature. This can be really fun, with all of the creative makeup technologies in existence, but (BUT) anyone who sets out to outdo eyes or lips must understand that the other will have to take a definitive backseat. Big on eyes? OK, go nude with the lips. Bright and glossy ruby-red lips? Here’s where you go with a muted brown shadow and light mascara–with no liner. Nada, niet, none.

More of What Not to Do
Certainly there is much to celebrate about modern makeup innovations that have managed to give the everyday face a red carpet glow, but this is critical, in a sort of “read my lips” fashion: If and when anyone compliments your eyes, lips, look, makeup or any other element of your glam look, do NOT not respond with anything else but “Thank you!,” or “Why, thank you!” Your makeup hacks belong to you. Don’t give them away. Enough said.

Woman with natural makeup.

Going Subtle
You don’t have to go overboard in your party makeup efforts. There are many ways in which you can glam up your look to the next level without even leaving your comfort zone. Check out all the fabulous shades of metallics in the shadow lines–some are more obvious than others, and some feature more shine than others. Go big or go subtle. These metallic shadows are so much fun! A beginning application can be a gentle dusting from the upper eyelid lash line all the way to the brow line, or the below the crease lid. Try a subtle coloration from lash line to brow line, and then (here’s the kick) just above the outer corner of your eyes, between the crease and the brow, apply some silvery white shadow subtly and just enough to hint at a difference. Go grander by introducing a touch of the same silver-white to the lids, between the lash line and the crease.

Go Big, or Go Where?
Bolder makeup effects for parties are almost without restrictions. Always, with good taste in mind, apply makeup to show how refined and intelligent you are. This does not mean that you can’t sport ¼ inch liner with wings that promise the moon, but at least make sure your foundation matches your skin and blends impeccably. If you decide to go “Kim K” with the contouring, then let that be your fashion statement with makeup effects. Lashes alone, can go a long way on their own, with natural looks as well as surreal party looks

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