Choosing The Right Blush

Woman applying blush

Many women remember blush bring the first “real” makeup that their mothers allowed them to wear out of the house.

“I was in 9th grade when I took it upon myself to dust the pink pigment around my cheekbones. Of course, I had experimented with makeup in the past, but like many other fourteen-year-olds, countering and highlighting with bronzer and blush was not a typical task.” 

While any color goes seems “to do” for tweens and teens, young women grow to realize that choosing the proper colored blush is just as important selecting the correct shade of foundation. However, the difference between the two lies in the methods in which they are chosen: assumably, all women know that foundation should essentially match the color of one’s skin tone. Blush, on the other hand, leaves the majority of women asking the question “what color should my blush be?” Granted, this is an ultra important question!

“I was on my way to sit next to my crush (whom everyone – including the teacher, a close family friend – had known, as our flirting was less than nonchalant) in class that day when I had tripped over my flip-flop and wiped out in front of the whole class. My crush didn’t actually see, but my family friend of a teacher made a point to ask me “why is your face so red?! You must be embarrassed because your boy saw.”

Group Work
Figuring the right color is not as tricky as it seems. To make the process easy, it is important to know what you skin tone is, as this will help in choosing the right shade. The best way to think about skin tone is to break it into three groups: fair skin, medium skin, dark skin. Okay, that was the hardest part, and chances are the majority of women out there already know what their skin tone is! Now, we have created a “cheat sheet” below; this will help you decide exactly what colors will work for you.

  • Fair skin tones will look best with these colors: sandy/coral, pale/soft pink, apricot
  • Medium skin tones will love the look of these three shades: warm mauve, deep/rich pink, peach
  • Dark skin tones look their best with these pigments: cocoa/brown, vibrant fuchsia, tangerine

“I was a bit clumsy back then, and was not one to get embarrassed over something like tripping in class. However, my face did look like it was kissed all over by Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer; I had unknowingly applied a deep blush color that was not meant for my skin tone.”

Public Service Announcement!
Today, many women are still making the same mistake I did fresh on the makeup scene. Ladies, let this be a PSA: choose the right blush color! Even though it may seem like a daunting task, we have provided you with the cheat sheet to selecting the perfect blush color.

Before you head to the cosmetics counter to grab some new blush, let’s just take a moment and go over one more thing. Cream versus powder blush, the general rule of thumb for this decision should be made based on your skin type. Simply, those with dry skin should opt for a cream blush, which those with combination skin would benefit from a powered blush

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